Geordie Shore star branded shameless over selfie with dying nan

Reality wannabe took the picture in hospital

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We live in an age where sharing every cough and splutter of our lives on social media in widely considered the norm.

Some life events, however, are still considered sacred and, as such, no-go areas.

Namely death.

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry will be painfully aware of why this evening – astoundingly she wasn’t beforehand.

The reality show-off has faced an almighty backlash on both Twitter and Instagram after posting a selfie of herself smiling next to her grandmother, who was dying.

Yes, you did read that correctly.

The photo showed Chloe posing next to her nan, who is slumped in a hospital bed, wearing an oxygen mask.

The accompanying message read: “Rip nanna love you so much! Never forgotten.”

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Many followers assumed – understandably, given that message – that Chloe’s nan was dead in the photo and were appalled.

One echoed the thoughts of many, writing: “the absolute state of this. Who takes a selfie with their dead relative? Absolute disgrace.”

Another simply put: “Why the f*** would you use this picture.”

After the tide of disgusted reactions to the post, Chloe took it down.

Unfortunately for her, appalled users took a screen shot before it was removed and shared it on their own accounts.

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Chloe is yet to offer comment on the scandal.

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