Coronation Street’s Gemma Winter to find true love in romance twist?

We really hope so

When Corrie’s Gemma Winter hooked up with handsome stranger Henry Newton at a party late last year, we really hoped she’d finally met the man of her dreams.

Poor Gem hasn’t had the easiest of lives and Henry looked like he could be her knight in shining armour and Prince Charming all wrapped up in one pretty package.

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And the fact he’s got a fair few quid didn’t hurt either.

But we were outraged on Gemma’s behalf when scheming Henry called a friend to brag about ‘talking it round’ and winning a bet they’d obviously placed on the kebab shop worker.

This followed Gemma dumping him for his snooty attitude towards her friends and lifestyle.

At the moment Gemma is oblivious to Henry’s real reason for dating her and – in this case – ignorance really is bliss. She’ll be devastated when she discovers the truth.

Yet, in an interesting twist of fate, Gemma decides to throw Henry – who is heir to the Newton and Ridley fortune – a birthday party – and the schemer is genuinely touched.

Thoughtful Gemma throws him a Newton & Ridley themed bash at The Rovers, giving a nod to Henry’s heritage and the brewery’s long relationship with the pub.

Henry throws himself into the spirit of the party, in full sailor costume, just as Gemma had hoped.

He might have been only pretending to like her up until now, but viewers will see some moments of tenderness in upcoming scenes and start to question if Henry really could fall for Gemma.

We really hope so.

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Although, if it doesn’t quite work out, Chesney’s a free agent these days and we’re so here for Chemma.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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