Gemma Oaten moves in with new lover after just a few months

She says it's love

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Its been a tough few months for Gemma Oaten.

Last year she was splashed across the tabloids when she was papped several times with Nick Knowles and had some wicked so-and-sos speculating that she may have been the cause of an upset in his relationship (er, she wasn’t).

But now the former Emmerdale star has found happiness – and got a new boyfriend

Not just a boyfriend, a  serious boyfriend, who she met at a pal’s 50th birthday.

Gemma met Scott at a pal’s 50th birthday (Credit: Instagram)

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In fact, it’s so serious she’s moved in with him – even though they have been dating a matter of weeks.

Gemma had been on the look out for a place to live when she met Scott Walker at a pal’s party and he had just found his own pad.

After a whirlwind romance, Gemma started moving her odds and ends into his place and eventually they decided it would be beneficial for them both just to move in together.

Scott and Gemma have been dating just a few months and have decided to share a pad! (Credit: Instagram)

“I got the place, and Gemma was looking for a new place anyway, so it made sense,” Scott told OK! magazine.

Gemma added that moving in wasn’t as big a deal as she thought.

“I had never lived with anyone before,” she told OK! “I thought it was going to be a massive thing because I’m used to coming and going as I please.

“But now it feels like the most natural thing in the world.”

Gemma admits that to start with some of her mates were cautious about the speed of their courtship but says they have got to love Scott.

“A few said, ‘that felt a bit quick but now we’ve seen you together, we get it'”.

Scott also admitted that when he met her mates, which include TV’s Dr Ranj, he could sense they were giving him the once over,

“You could tell they were sussing me out!” he laughed. “But I think anyone that hangs out with us knows we laugh so much. My abs are better since I met Gem!”

Scott says he could tell that Gemma’s mates were suss of him start with (Credit; Instagram)

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Regardless of what anyone thinks, Gemma says she thinks she’s found the one in Scott.

Speaking about how the handsome chap compares to previous relationships, she gushed: “Scott makes me realise I’ve actually never been in love before.

“He’s made me realise what unconditional love is and I don’t think I’d ever understood what that is.

She added: “The difference with Scott from anybody I’ve been with in the past is that he loves me for me and sticks to his word.”

Awww, good luck Gem!