Gemma Oaten admits she wants to meet up with love rat Nick Knowles

Perhaps it would provide helpful closure

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You’d think former Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten wouldn’t even want to hear the name Nick Knowles ever again – and with good reason.

The TV presenter dumped her while they were in bed after he’d whisked her away for a weekend in Edinburgh following a whirlwind romance.

And he’s been pretty unchivalrous since, basically dismissing their dalliance as being of very little significance when Gemma – by her own admittance – had fallen pretty hard for his charms.

But, while his unedifying behaviour has put the actress off dating anyone for the foreseeable, she reckons she’d like to meet up with the DIY SOS host and discuss what went on between them – and the fallout that’s played out across the media since.

“I actually wish I could see him and talk to him about it,” the 32-year-old told the Daily Star. “But that will never happen.”

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The former lovers have actually run into each other since their split – at this year’s National Television Awards.

And it wasn’t a pleasant encounter.

Gemma explained: “You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. But I’m OK now.”

Hmmm, best to chalk it all up to experience and forget about it, if you ask us – even if the prospect of getting closure might be tempting.

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The sensitive soul also explained to the tabloid why she’s giving men a wide berth for the time being – after being bruised by the whole Knowles affair.

“It was weird. It was very eggy and it did put me off dating,” she added.

“I’ve been a little bit burned and now is the time for me to be a little bit selfish and look after me.”

Sound self-care. (And spectacular use of the word ‘eggy’!)

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