Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins reveals she looks in the mirror and repeats ‘I love myself’

She had her reiki energy healer on the podcast

Reality star Gemma Collins has revealed she boosts her self-confidence by looking in the mirror and saying out loud, “I love myself”.

On the latest episode of her BBC podcast series, the former TOWIE star had her reiki energy healer to talk about self-love and finding balance in our lives.

Gemma Collins
She revealed the odd practice on her podcast (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

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During the chat with her pal and intuitive life coach Pree, the GC explained to listeners: “[One] thing I’ve worked on with Pree is self-love. [It’s] very important for everyone to love themselves.

“Not in a flash way like, ‘Oh I am fabulous, I love myself’. It was really difficult because Pree asked me to look in the mirror and say, “I love myself, I love myself” five times.

“I couldn’t do it, I literally struggled and that shocked me. Because I was like, ‘Oh, why can’t I say it?’ It was so hard for me to look in the mirror and say it, I just couldn’t do it.”

Pree then explained: “A lot of my clients look for love and happiness outside of them. And you’re forever on this journey of finding happiness and you’re forever on this journey of finding unconditional love.

If all my hair and makeup was done, I’d find it easy.

“Now, when we can love ourselves unconditionally, the message we’re sending out to the universe is of unconditional love.

“When I said to you, ‘Gemma, look, you are an attractive woman, do you love yourself?’ And I took my mirror out and said, ‘Say I love you’. She was like, ‘What? No. I can’t’. But she did.”

Gemma Collins
Gemma spoke about the importance of self-love (Credit: Aaron Parfitt /

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Gemma then admitted: “In the end I said it, yeah. I probably could do it if all my hair and makeup was done, I’d find it easy. But to do it without your hair and makeup done, I found it really difficult.”

At the end of the episode, she encouraged her listeners to follow in her footsteps and practice the same self-love routine.

Gemma, who is reportedly after getting a waxwork model of herself in Madame Tussauds, said: “My motivational message for the week is, look in the mirror, five times, and see if you can say, ‘I love myself’.”

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