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Gemma Collins wants to have her ‘rather large’ breasts reduced

Gemma Collins says she'd prefer to have smaller boobs

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Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins wants to have a breast reduction.

The 39-year-old reality star has become fed up of her big boobs. And she says she is ready to go under the knife to make them smaller and more manageable.

Speaking on The Gemma Collins Podcast, she said: “My breasts these days are rather large and I would like a reduction at some point.”

Gemma has always had trouble with her boobs since she was a youngster. She even recalled the time when she was given her first bra but was left confused about wearing it to bed.

Gemma Collins says she’d like smaller boobs (Image credit:

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The reality star explained: “I can remember not knowing if it was OK to wear a bra in bed. I did also think to myself, was it safe to wear a bra in bed? I remember looking it up thinking, ‘Well do you wear a bra in bed?'”

“I would like a reduction at some point”

But now the Diva Forever star can’t wait to take off her bra and let her boobs feel the “cool air”.

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She continued: “Now I can’t wait to rip my bra off and let them hang out. And literally just get the cool air, the breeze on them.”

What’s more, the GC is planning to splash out on her dream house in Essex after, a tree told her it was the perfect property for her.

Gemma says she has lost a couple of stone over the last year (Image credit:

She added: “It’s so weird, I knew it was the house for me because literally when I rode up to the house on my bike there was this tree, and it was a rather big tree, and I felt like the tree was talking to me.

“It’s so weird”

“It moved in this way, it was like whispering to me. When I see this tree, I truly believe we’ve got a bond. This tree is telling me, ‘Gemma you’re meant to be here.’

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“I don’t know why but it gives me huge comfort.”

And this isn’t the first time Gemma has opened up about wanting a breast reduction.

gemma collins podcast
Gemma’s BBC Sounds podcast has proven to be very popular. (Image credit:

Last year she told The Sun that she needed to lose three stone in order to have the procedure.

“I have to lose three stone”

She said to the tabloid: “My boobs are so big and I want to get them reduced in January, but I have to lose three stone before they can operate.”

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