Gemma Collins vying for big summer hit with Beyonce’s producer

Hit the studio with Naughty Boy

Gemma Collins is eyeing chart success in 2020, with a little help from Beyonce’s producer.

The 38-year-old reality TV star is poised to release a big summer record next year, having worked with Beyonce’s super-producer Naughty Boy, and Gemma can’t wait to launch her music career in earnest.

She told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre Column: “I had to put my music on hold because this year ended up being so busy.

“I was working with Naughty Boy and we were looking to get out a Christmas song but our schedules didn’t line up and we couldn’t make it happen.

“Obviously I have a contract in place with Universal and they have been really supportive.

“We’ve got an amazing song in the bag and it can come out at any time, so we are looking at next summer.

“It’s written and all finished, which is really exciting.”

We were looking to get out a Christmas song but our schedules didn’t line up.

Gemma hanging with Naughty Boy (Credit: Splash)

Gemma also admits she’s still trying to refine her singing talents.

She shared: “I’ve been having singing lessons whenever I can fit them in.

“I’ve been doing it in the car …  wherever I can fit it in, I will. I’ve been doing it a lot over the phone.

“It’s a new skill for me and I’ve been learning. Obviously Naughty Boy is so busy too, so we’re just finding the time.”

Meanwhile, Gemma recently claimed she’s mobbed by fans wherever she goes.

Speaking earlier this month, she explained: “I can’t go shopping like I did before I was famous.

“It has to be planned now. I can’t walk around a shopping centre.

“Even when I have four security guards with me, shoppers run towards me. It’s fun, but it’s difficult when you’re trying to get your bits.

“I believe it would be considered a safety risk. It would be death by kisses and hugs.

“People all want to hug me. They want to touch The GC!”

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