Gemma Collins tells her fans to ‘not waste their lives on social media’ and help animals instead

And it is all for a good cause!

Gemma Collins has urged her fans to ‘not waste their lives on social media’.

But her warning is all for a charitable cause.

The GC, 39, encouraged her followers to promote worthy causes on social rather than self-indulgent posts.

Sharing view of her some two million Instagram followers, she posed with two miniature donkeys.

The former TOWIE star penned: “I PREFER ANIMALS to HUMANS.

Gemma prefers animals to people

gemma collins
Gemma Collins wants to highlight animal cruelty on social media (Credit:

“Donkeys are the most magical wonderful animals. I will stop animal cruelty in my lifetime.

“Stop wasting your life on social media scrolling!!! Promote worthy causes do something with your platforms.”

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A known animal lover, many of Gemma’s fans shared their appreciation for her message.

Former S Club 7 member penned: “Animal cruelty is just one wrong on every level!”

A second user shared: “I sponsor with the Donkey Sanctuary. I’m right with you girl!!!”

A third user praised: “10000% with you I prefer animals to humans. Thank you for using your platform to help try put and end to it.”

And a fourth user gushed: “I support 100 percent.

Fans commend Gemma for promoting animal welfare

“Animals need someone to advocate for them you are the perfect person thank you Gemma for being there for all these incredible Creatures.”

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This was then followed up by a heartbreaking video.

Gemma shared a horrific clip of a bull being slowly killed in a bull ring.

gemma collins
Gemma regularly campaigns against animal cruelty (Credit:

As the bull is stabbed to death, crowds cheer and clap.

She captioned the shocking video with: “This is REAL not all the FAKE stuff all over the gram !!!! This has to STOP

“You may find this hard to watch however this is the real truth of what’s going on out there !!!”

Amanda Holden replied with “FFS” and a broken-heart emoji.

Another user lamented: “This is barbaric how can humans get a thrill from hurting and torturing a poor animal I feel sick I hate humans what the hell gives us the right to hurt an innocent animal.”

A third commended Gemma for highlighting this issue: “Ashamed to be human!!

“What a terrible death for such a majestic animal! Shame on those people who profit and the audiences who watch that much pain in an animal! Thank you so much Gemma for trying to stop this!”

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