Gemma Collins peta campaign

Gemma Collins poses with ‘skinned fox’ in new PETA campaign

Good for Gemma?

Gemma Collins is fronting a new campaign for animal rights group PETA.

The GC, 40, is an avid animal lover and is campaigning against the fur industry.

The former TOWIE cast member has campaigned with PETA for years now.

In the new poster, the Diva Forever star is all glammed up as she holds up a ‘skinned fox’.

The ad reads: “Here’s the rest of your fur coat. Join the campaign for a #FurFreeBritain.”

gemma collins glowing skin
Gemma is calling for a fur-free Britain (Credit: SplashNews)

How are Gemma’s fans reacting?

Taking to Instagram, Gemma shared the shocking image with her two million plus followers.

Due to its graphic nature, the image comes with a warning.

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Gem captioned the snap with: “There is no excuse for killing foxes, coyotes, rabbits, or any other animal for a fur coat or a pom pom. Let’s end the fur trade. Join me & @PETAUK in calling for a #FurFreeBritain.”

Dozens of her fan base congratulated the star on taking a stand against animal cruelty.

One user wrote: “Well done Gemma see so many celebrities that could help animals and use their platform but don’t . Instead they would rather promote makeup and rubbish. I applaud you well done start your own vegan makeup or cruelty free.”

gemma collins animals
Gemma is an animal lover (Credit: SplashNews)

A second person argued: “Well done for this! It’s about time they stopped it. No need for it at all.”

And a third user praised: “Thank you for caring about animals Gemma.”

However, some users accused Gemma of hypocrisy.

One pointed out that Gemma has an Ostrich feathered lamp in her home: “YES GEMMA!!! I am such a huge fan however sometimes I hear you talk about your ostrich feather products which can be as harmful as fur is! Please re-think before buying ostrich again! Love you.”

What did fans say?

And a second user pointed out that she has just been photographed enjoying a McDonald’s burger.

She’s also currently fronting a McDonald’s ad.

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The disgruntled user wrote: “Yet she’s the face of Big Mac… encouraging people to eat meat – there’s no difference. You can’t say you’re against killing animals and then go eat them …”

Additional users said they sympathised with the cause, but found the image too gruesome.

One wrote: “I couldn’t agree more with this campaign but this picture is a bit too raw.”

Meanwhile, another user argued: “I’m all for no cruelty to animals but that picture of a fox is horrid.”

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