Gemma Collins’ joyful baby news!

The star could soon be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Gemma Collins has made no secret about the fact she wants kids.

Any time she has the chance, she’ll tell anyone who listens that she wants to pop out a kid or two as soon as she can.

Even when she was in Celebrity Big Brother she outrageously staged an attention-seeking announcement that she thought she was preggers.

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Well, it looks like her dream is about to come true.

And Gemma is joyful at the happy news that she looks set to become a mum very soon indeed.

Or so a psychic has told her anyway.

In last night’s episode of TOWIE, Gem was seen visiting a medium who told her that she would have children ‘in the next two years’.

Not only that, he assured her that she would meet “Mr Right” too.

The 36-year-old was ecstatic when she was told the news.

Just last month, Gemma had revealed that she was so keen to have kids she had even considered freezing her eggs.

She even admitted that she’d trade in her Cartier watch and Range Rover to have a child.

Her ex boyfriend Charlie King, who is now gay, even help have a baby by  ing a sperm donor.

Gemma’s main fear is that if she doesn’t have a child in the near future she will be too old to be a mum.

“I’m living in this sheer panic morning, noon and night,” she said.

“Firstly because I’m worried I’m already going through the menopause; secondly ‘why haven’t I found the love of my life?’; and thirdly I’m asking ‘why me?’”

Meanwhile in other TOWIE-related news, it would appear that Hollywood star Orlando Bloom is a fan of the show.

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When she introduced herself to the actor at a pre-Oscars bash in LA she was amazed when he instantly recognised her from the show.

During their chat he supposedly told her that he was a massive fan of the show and started probing her on gossip from the show.

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