Gemma Collins gives “embarrassing” injury update

This sounds painful..

Gemma Collins has revealed she’s recovering well after a recent bite from a gnat left her private parts swollen.

The Only Way Is Essex star detailed her injury to best pal Bobby Norris during Sunday night’s episode of the show.

Gemma, 37, revealed she got bitten “everywhere” on her private parts by the gnat, and the “embarrassing” injury has even resulted in a temporary sex ban for boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent.

Gemma revealed she was bit by a gnat on her private parts (Credit: ITV)

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“The other night I got bit by a gnat on the private parts,” she told Bobby. “It swelled up so bad, it was so embarrassing… It got bit everywhere. Can you believe it?”

“So you’ve got a swollen vulva?” Bobby asked, adding, “What’s Arg saying? I’m guessing you’re closed for business.”

Gemma said: “It’s terrible! He’s missing out on the candy. Hopefully, it will go down soon but apart from that life is positive.”

That’s the spirit GC!

Bobby was left shocked by Gemma’s revelation (Credit: ITV)

Gemma took to Twitter on Tuesday to give fans an update on her injury.

She revealed the swelling has “gone down” adding: “Let’s just say, thank God for ICE PACKS.”

Meanwhile, during TOWIE on Sunday, Bobby came to blows with Gemma’s beau Arg.

Bobby lost it after Gemma confronted him about a remark he supposedly made.

“Arg said earlier that apparently when someone said, ‘Where’s Gemma?’, you said, ‘On Photoshop,'” Gemma asked her friend.

Arg and Bobby had an argument during Sunday’s episode (Credit: ITV)

Bobby was left furious and shouted at Arg: “Arg, this is where you need to know and this is where you’re like a [expletive] stirrer, this is where you need to not be a [expletive] Arg, because you’re a geezer, you’re a 30-year-old man.”

Meanwhile, Gemma tried to calm Bobby down, saying: “Bob, Bob, I haven’t got a problem.”

Last week, Gemma apologised as she admitted to Photoshopping her head onto models’ bodies to advertise clothes on her online boutique.

During an appearance on This Morning with boyfriend Arg, Gemma said: “Let me clear that up.”

“My company only works with me in the dresses. The women like to see me in the clothes,” she continued. “I stupidly said ‘Photoshop my head. We are entitled to use those images’.

Gemma admitted she photoshopped her face onto models’ bodies (Credit: ITV)

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“Not realising it was a copyright thing. I apologise to anyone now who was offended. I won’t be making that mistake again!”

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