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Gemma Collins compares herself to The Queen in hilarious spoof video

The GC seems pretty excited about the new series of The Crown!

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Gemma Collins has shared a hilarious video of herself as The Queen.

Much like the rest of the country, it appears the GC is a big fan of hit Netflix series The Crown.

In the week that the trailer for season four was released, Gemma shared a video of herself superimposed on an ad for the show.

Taking the place of actress Olivia Colman, who plays the Queen, Gemma looks quite at home at Buckingham Palace.

gemma collins queen
The GC is able to laugh at herself (Credit: Splash News)

Sharing to her 1.9 million Instagram followers, Gemma simply tagged the video with a peace sign and her initials.

Gemma Collins upgrades from diva to Queen

Throughout the clip, Gemma is shown quoting her classic Celebrity Big Brother lines.

Oh it’s been busy this year at Buckingham Palace.

She says the line: “I’m f***ing gamed out” as well as “It’s like having a job, working 24/7.”

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She’s then shown getting a neck massage while dressed up as the monarch and says: “Yes I am The Queen. Give us a rub.

“Oh it’s been busy this year at Buckingham Palace,” Gemma adds.

The video ends with Gemma commenting: “Yes I am the Queen of England but you can call me Gemma.”

The GC’s fans can’t get enough of it

And Gemma’s fans can’t seem to get enough of the tongue-in-cheek clip.

gemma collins queen
Gemma’s Celebrity Big Brother quotes are infamous (Credit: Splash News)

One user commented: “Love this Queen GC.”

Another joked: “I’m howling at this!”

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Gemma often talks about the royal family on her podcast series, and she shared a very strange theory about Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

She said there could be lizard people living among us, and hinted that they may live in Buckingham Palace.

Speaking on her BBC podcast, she said: “My theory is, I believe there are lizards living amongst us. Do these humans that appear to be humans and look like us and act like us go into the tunnels where their human faces, their human bodies. Do they retract back into being lizards when they go into the tunnels?

“There’s been so many reports that there are different kinds of species living in the UK and around the world. I want to meet you, I want to touch you, I want to smell you, I want to know more. I’m not scared about this.”

She also talked about alleged secret tunnels leading to the palace.

“There are rumours there are tunnels coming out of Buckingham Palace. Here’s what it says online: ‘Rumours of tunnels linking Buckingham Palace with various parts of London are prevalent.

‘”It’s unlikely that a tunnel exists linking the palace with the Tube, but an underground tunnel linking to Whitehall and the Houses of Parliament is plausible’… but it is unproven,” Gemma added.

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