Gemma Atkinson hits back after she’s accused of ‘Photoshopping C-section scar’

Star opens up about how motherhood has affected her

TV star Gemma Atkinson has slapped down trolls on social media who accused her of ‘faking’ photos following the birth of her daughter Mia.

The unimpressed ex Emmerdale actress, 35, showed herself glaring on Instagram as she hit back at unpleasant claims from keyboard warriors suggesting she had Photoshopped her C-section scar out of images.

Strictly star Gemma revealed a behind-the-scenes snap from her photoshoot for the cover of Women’s Health magazine on Insta earlier this week.

The mum-of-one wowed with her toned physique, posing in a blue vest top.

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She told followers: “When I was asked to shoot again I was a little uncertain because the shoot date was 2 weeks after Christmas & when Mia was just 6 months old. I questioned whether I’d be ready.”

An inspired Gemma concluded her post by proclaiming she is ‘always ready’ – but was subsequently upset when trolls baited her about her post-baby body.

Motherhood is physically different for every single female body.

She hit back: “My face when I’m accused of ‘faking pics’ because you can’t see my C section scar or stretch marks. Seriously.

“On my latest post in my shoot for WH (Which I love btw!) a lot of people have DM’d me or commented on articles and my page that my pics must be airbrushed because my scar or stretch marks aren’t visible.

“Now I’m no expert but I’m assuming C sections are dependent on a lot of things. The size & position of your baby & your surgeon being a few of them.

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“Mia was under 5lb. Tiny! She was low down & engaged but couldn’t be pushed out so she was cut out instead.

“My scar is around 8cm long and low down below my knicker line. For me to show it on pictures I’d quite frankly be showing you the top of my vagina! Now onto stretch marks. I didn’t get any on my tummy. I got a few faint white ones on the top of my bum cheeks but I had some there before Mia. I think I actually got them in high school…

“Again, I’m no expert but I’m told regardless of lotions & potions they come down to the elasticity in our skin and how quickly our bumps grow. My mum didn’t get any on her tummy & neither did my sister so maybe genetics play a role too. Who knows?

“Should woman who have them be made to feel bad and apologise? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Should woman who didn’t get them be made to feel guilty & apologise? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Motherhood is physically different for every single female body and we are all in our own way just trying to deal with it.

“My one wish, especially now being a role model for Mia, is for us to all feel secure in our own bodies, because life’s too short and we all deserve to be happy. Unfortunately I don’t know what the answer is to making that happen. What I do know, is that looking for ‘flaws’ or trying to bring others down won’t make you feel any better.

“There’s enough room for us all to shine & be our best selves! I was going to post a pic of my scar as proof it’s actually there, but then I thought, No. The negative people aren’t getting that. My scar is for me, Gorks and Mia. Our imperfect reminder of how lucky we are to have our family.”

Commenters were quick to back Gemma, with several noting they had similar experiences.

One Twitter user wrote: “Ignore the silly haters they’re not worth your time, not everyone gets stretch marks I didn’t for either of my 2 pregnancies it’s sad that you feel like you have to explain yourself to the silly people.”

Another person tweeted: “You’re absolutely right on all of the above. I didn’t get any stretch marks, neither did my mum!”

“Isn’t it frustrating that you have to justify yourself?! Drives me mad! You look incredible. Haters need to bore off,” wrote a third person.

And someone else added: “It’s so bad how you have to justify yourself to the negative people out there. I think you are inspirational for a lot of women and everyone is different. People be kind! Let’s empower each other.”

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