Gemma Atkinson confirms Carly WILL return to Emmerdale…

She doesn’t know when, she doesn’t know how, but she’ll be back

She’s only just left Emmerdale, but actress Gemma Atkinson who plays Carly Hope says that she will ‘100%’ be back on our screens at some point. Woop woop.

Carly left the Dales with ex-boyfriend Matt to give their relationship another go, despite having proposed to Marlon. Matt was the father of Carly’s son Billy, who tragically died.

What do you mean, it’s complicated? It’s soap. Obvs it’s complicated.

Think of the country air, Carly, seriously (Credit: ITV)

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But while a fresh start might be right for her character right now, Gemma has vowed that that’s not the end for Carly, who has ‘unfinished business’ in the Dales.

“I think she’ll go off but eventually come back not to cause trouble but maybe to make amends,” she told Metro.

“Hopefully she will find Marlon happy with someone else.

“I’m 100% sure Carly will return, it’s just a case of working out why and when and who she can mess up!”

In the meantime, Gem thinks that her alter ego Carly has made the right move doing a runner.

“As much as Marlon and Carly were great together, Matt is the one who got away,” she says.

“Had they not lost Billy, they would have had the perfect relationship.

“Marlon is such an amazing guy, that he realises it as well. He’s man enough to tell her to follow her heart.”

Warning: don’t look at this image if Marlon Dingle generally makes you weepy (Credit: ITV)

And while Carly is following her heart, Gemma is planning to keep busy with her fitness brands, radio show on Key 103 in Manchester and, er, checking her phone a lot for messages from her Emmerdale colleagues.

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No going back to Hollyoaks now, alright? (Credit: ITV)

“I’ll miss Mark a lot – we have a lot of laughs on set. Off screen, we hang out when we can and also with Michelle Hardwick and Amy Walsh but I am still staying in the Emmerdale charity band so I’ll see all the girls.

“People like Mike Parr, Joe Gill, Anthony Quinlan, Danny Miller – they all live nearby so we will all be keeping in touch.

“It’s going to be difficult to miss anyone really as they’ll still be doing my head in with WhatsApp groups!”

That should keep them going until they can meet up back in the Woolpack for a pint, then.

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