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Gemma Atkinson asks Instagram fans for help amid fears her dog has dementia

Fingers crossed Ollie's ok!

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Gemma Atkinson took to Instagram to reveal her fears that her beloved pet pooch Ollie has dementia.

The former Strictly Come Dancing, Casualty and Hollyoaks star, 36, used to her Instagram stories to raise concerns over her 11-year-old Spaniel.

She asked followers for advice after Ollie displayed some odd behaviour.

Gemma Atkinson and her pet dog Ollie
Gemma asked fans for help (Credit:

What did Gemma Atkinson ask on Instagram?

She asked fans: “Has anyone on here ever had a dog with dementia?

“Ollie has recently started acting a little off…

“He’s so energetic & happy but in the evenings he now goes and sits alone outside sometimes for up to an hour.

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“He also sometimes just sits & stares… it’s come on over the last month or so & is happening more often.”

When fans answered her question in private, she said: “Thank you guys… Appreciate the replies & glad it’s not just Ollie.

“I guess old age eventually gets us all (if we’re lucky!).”

How old is Ollie and when was his birthday?

At the end of January, mum-of-one Gemma celebrated Ollie’s 11th birthday by sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram.

Sharing a range of sweet images of the pooch, Gemma wrote: “11 years of making us all smile! Happy Birthday Ollie!

11 years of making us all smile! Happy Birthday Ollie!

“For spinning excitedly when anyone leaves or enters the room, for humping my old teddy bear and for the dead legs when you sleep in our bed, We love you.

“You’re a wonderful companion to our entire family. Happy Birthday! #mansbestfriend.”

Gemma Atkinson and her pet dog Ollie
Gemm is a dog lover (Credit: Aaron Parfitt /

What else has Gemma said about dogs?

Confirmed dog lover Gemma also used Instagram to lambast dog thieves, after she appealed for help to find a missing Cocker Spaniel.

Thankfully, Flora was found unharmed, but she railed against dog thieves.

She said: “Just had some lovely messages that Flora the golden Cocker Spaniel stolen from her elderly owner has been found and they have been reunited – so that is great news.”

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She continued: “She is safe and sound where she belongs.

“And to the people that take pets: I hope you’re found, and I hope you’re dealt with accordingly.”

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