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Gaz Beadle stuns fans with “little poser” baby scan photo

Comes after his pregnant girlfriend is trolled over the size of her baby bump

He’s expecting his first child, a little boy, with model girlfriend Emma McVey.

And Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle, 29, had fans chuckling after sharing a 4D baby scan photo showing the lad is already taking after his famous dad!

Gaz posted the images to Instagram on Thursday night alongside the caption: “WOW thank you Window To The Womb Leeds for these amazing 4D pics of our little boy, little poser!”

It’s a baby! (Credit: Gary Beadle)

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Fans were quick to agree, with one saying: “Flexing his guns in the pic on the left!”

Others marvelled at the quality of the images, with one fan saying: “Wow this is one of the most amazing scans I’ve seen. I’ve had 3D done but this one is unreal!! Looks like he is giving his mum a big hug from the inside. Bet u can’t wait to meet him (sic).”

Another said: “Wow, such amazing clear photos of him!”

Instagram @emma_jane1392
Emma has just passed the six-month mark (Credit: Instagram @emma_jane1392)

Others started to debate among themselves whether the little one looked more like his mum or dad.

Those who thought the baby was all Gaz included one fan who said: “It’s a mini Gaz!”

Another said: “Looks like you already!”

A third added: “On the 3rd photo all I can see is you Gaz, you are both going to be great parents.”

It’s the first baby for the couple (Credit: Instagram @emma_jane1392)

However, the majority of people thought the baby more closely resembled Emma.

“4D scans are truly incredible and provide incredible memories. He has the mouth of Emma already. Many congratulations,” said one.

Another said: “Aww look at that little face. Looks just like he’s mummy, can tell he’s got her shape face and even her nose and mouth. I bet he has her big beautiful eyes too. Your little boy is gonna be such a cutie with both your genes.”

Instagram @emma_jane1392
Fans rushed to congratulate the couple (Credit: Instagram @emma_jane1392)

Others thought he was an even mix of both parents.

“Top photo is exactly Emma!!! He looks like you in the bottom photos! Just adorable,” wrote one.

“He looks like Emma but I can also see Gaz when he was little from the school pic he puts up now and again. He’s a little cutie. Good luck to you both,” said another.

Instagram @emma_jane1392
Emma has been trolled over her neat baby bump (Credit: Instagram @emma_jane1392)

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The scan photo came after Emma was targeted by cruel trolls over the size of her baby bump.

She’s just passed the six-month mark but still sporting a neat bump – which has led to some horrid comments suggesting she’s not even pregnant or lying about her due date.

But Emma hit back recently by venting: “Are people seriously this stupid? I can announced I’m pregnant at whatever date I and it definitely wouldn’t be the first week of pregnancy like you see to think.”

Good for you, Emma!

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