Gaz Beadle reveals what REALLY happened at the MTV awards!

Geordie Shore star talks about his 'showdown' with Charlotte Crosby!

When Geordie Shore’s bitter ex lovers Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby were spotted prowling the red carpet at this year’s MTV EMA awards, we all thought world war three was immenent.

But sadly it wasn’t and their potential showdown never really happened. Or did it?

According to an eye witness, the pair finally came to face to face on the carpet, gave each other a hug and stood talking for a couple of minutes before they went in to watch the show.

But Gaz says that he never had any intention of causing any trouble at the event if he were to bump into his ex. He also said that his supposed feud with his on off girlfriend is ‘hyped’ and not as bad as its made out to be.

“Obviously I knew she was going,” he said on the Kyle & Jackie O Show on Sydney’s KIIS 1065. “She knew I was going, we were going with similar people. We just kinda walked in and kinda gave a nod.”

He said when they did come face to face they both said ‘hi’ to each other and kept it civil.

He went on to explain: “We sort of been through a lot,” he said. “But actually no, it went fine.”

Meanwhile, Geordie Shore castmate Marnie has revealed that Gaz and Chrlotte were given special treatement by their MTV bosses.

Speaking about the rumours that Honey G was being given preferential treatment backstage at the X Factor, she said that on her show, the golden ‘on-off’ couple were treated like a king and queen.

“I heard Honey G is getting preferential treatment n The X Factor, but she’s making the show this year and that’s the way it works in TV. I really want her to win.

“Gary and Charlotte always got special treatment from MTV because they’re the Geordie Shore favourites, but none of us moaned because that’s just how it is.”

Yeah whatever, Marnie!