Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey hit back at trolls after baby bump shaming

Gaz does not hold back!

Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle and his girlfriend, model Emma McVey hit out at online trolls after her tiny baby bump drew criticism.

Emma, who has just entered her third trimester, has been documenting her pregnancy on social media, sharing frequent bump shots to Instagram, and even uploading a sonogram.

The couple have been charting Emma’s pregnancy on social media (Credit: Instagram)

But the shots have drawn in some trolls, pointing to Emma’s unusually small bump, and claiming it indicates she’s not eating enough to keep her baby healthy.

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Emma posted a casual shot of herself sitting on the stairs – causing one follower, in a now-deleted comment, to claim she was too skinny.

Emma did not hold back in her response, claiming body-shaming is never ok, whether you are saying someone is too overweight, or too underweight.

A troll started attacking Emma over her size, after posted this photo to Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

“Wow,” she wrote. “Imagine if I wrote on an obese woman’s photo how fat she is and how she needs to stop eating. You clearly don’t have a brain to know some people just can’t gain weight easily?!

“Some people have a fast metabolism. My baby is healthy and fine, so please don’t act like a doctor or tell me what’s good and bad for my health until you see what I eat daily.

“Anyone who knows me actually says they can’t believe how much I eat. Shouldn’t judge people when you have absolutely no idea.”

The woman replied, claiming her comment was out of concern: “Get down off you high horse sweetheart, Cos you’re just like the rest of us.

Emma posted a bikini selfie as she enters her third trimester (Credit: Instagram)

“Open your eyes a bit and see that some of these comments are actually out of care and concern, not to make you feel like [rubbish], which mine was and btw. I’m a nurse, so I know what I’m talking about✌🏼”

But Emma wasn’t having any of it.

“And I’m telling you I definitely eat plenty so who the hell are you to judge?” she replied. “Jump off my high horse, what because someone who is body shaming me can’t take it back? As a nurse you should know some people can’t put weight on easily so why judge from a photo and act like you know my diet?”

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Gaz soon jumped to his girlfriend’s defence, in a slightly more aggressive style, saying “2 can play at that game if your commenting saying she is WAY to skinny then I can have my opinion on you… [sic]”

He went on to say the commenter looked “like a [bleep] hamster 🐹 how does it feel hamster face… 👍🏻”

The couple shared a sonogram of their baby to social media (Credit: Instagram)

Other commenters were also quick to defend Emma, with one fan saying “I feel for you with all the [rubbish] people have to say about Bub and you! Unless these people are going to drs appts etc with u they have absolutely no clue what so ever!!”

“Block the negative Nancy people @emma_jane1392 they’re all bored, jealous, something!! You look amazing. All females are different and carry their babies different. Xx,” said another.

Emma and Gaz’s baby is due in January.

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