Furious viewers brand The Chase contestants “backstabbing thieves”

Fans of the show were not happy

The Chase has driven fans into a complete social media meltdown AGAIN – this time as they accuse the contestants of committing “daylight robbery”.

The episode causing such indignation started with player Darragh bagging an impressive £9,000, as he went head-to-head with the Chaser.

It was all looking good for his team – but it didn’t last long.

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Fans of the show kind of expect one contestant to take the minus offer sometimes to make it back to the team. right?

But in this particular episode the remaining THREE teammates took the lower offer.

Darragh and team member Michael managed to bring back £9,000 and £300 into the final round.

But with Georgia and Carole both choosing -£2,000 and -£1,000 the team ended up playing for a slightly mediocre £6,3000 between them.

And fans of the show were not impressed.

Blasting the “backstabbing” contestants one viewer wrote: “Watch yesterdays #TheChase and you will see the definition of a snake, how can you take -£2000? Madness.”

Another added: “Just caught up with #TheChase @metpoliceuk Darragh was robbed.”

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“Just watched today’s show of the chase and it has angered me so much!!!! Feel so sorry for Darragh!! #thechase,” a third tweeted.

One fan of the show was so furious he was caught on camera shouting at the TV from his sofa.

It’s easy to get so stuck into a show that you start shouting at the TV…

This show specifically has caused so much commotion that viewers are even creating ‘wanted’ posters for “robbing Darragh on National TV”.

Fortunately Darragh did take home some of his money… well, only £1575.

Darragh wrote on Twitter defending his teammates against the harsh backlash: “Ease off my teammates.

“It’s a lot easier on the couch #thechase #comeandhaveagoifyouthinkyouarecleverenough.”

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