Furious Nadia Sawalha reveals husband’s shock divorce secret

She had a right old rant

Those Loose Women are known for baring their souls, but Nadia Sawalha has taken things to a whole new level.

The 53-year-old panellist posted a video rant to Twitter yesterday, during which she broke some shocking news about her husband, Mark Adderley.

Her face contorting with anger, she revealed that Mark had considered DIVORCING her while she was going through the menopause.

She told her followers that she’d gone into the bathroom for privacy (Credit: Nadia Sawalha/Twitter)

Nadia – who’s been married to TV producer Mark since 2002 – captioned her video: “Whilst Mark and I were filming our podcast ‘How To Stay Married So Far’, he revealed something to me that has utterly blindsided me… I think he said it by accident!”

As the footage begins, the star reveals that she’s in the bathroom “so that Mark can’t hear me”.

And then she begins her confession: “We were just filming our How To Stay Married So Far podcast, and he said there was a point in my menopause when he thought about divorcing me!

“Apparently, I was being very, very difficult. Me? Difficult? In my menopause? What the hell does he mean?!”

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Her face then twists and gurns as she tells her followers how she’s feeling inside.

“I could really smash this whole house up. I could really tear my own hair out. I could really kick the car in. Those are all perfectly reasonable things to say.”

The star looked furious as she revealed what she wanted to do (Credit: Nadia Sawalha/Twitter)

She concludes the clip by saying: “Anyway, was a bit of a shock – but I acted really cool when he told me.”

And fans of the Londoner were quick to offer their support. One tweeted: “I just love these insightful snippets that can bring a big smile, but really Mark????? Oh ssshhhh we’re not meant to know Nadia.”

Another soothed: “Divorce you??!! Fool that he is.”

However, just a couple of hours later, all seemed to be well again in the Sawalha/Adderley household.

Nadia Sawalha & Kaye Adams/Instagram
Nadia and Mark have been married for 16 years (Credit: Nadia Sawalha & Kaye Adams/Instagram)

The Loose Women star tweeted another message advertising the latest instalment in the couple’s podcast.

She captioned it: “Okay, maybe I wasn’t quite as chilled out about his confession as I remembered,” adding a few laughter emojis.

Earlier this year, Nadia revealed that SHE threatened to leave MARK unless he sought help for his booze problem.

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She told Loose Women: “I gave him an ultimatum. I said: ‘You will not spend another night in this house unless you get help for your alcoholism.’

“I knew he had the most incredible heart of gold – the drinking was a symptom of other things. He suffered from depression.

“But I knew that I was not going to live with an alcoholic.”

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