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Furious Jorgie Porter hits out at abusive bullies

It happened in the middle of the street

Former Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter has hit out at a group of men shouting homophobic slurs at her friend Kieron Richardson.

She filmed herself confronting the guys in the car next to hers as she drove to an event alongside her mate.

The 29-year-old then shared the clip to her Instagram expressing her anger at what the men had said.

She wrote alongside the video: “Having walked past a group of lads in the street screaming homophobic abuse at @mrkieronrichardson ! We did not want them to think they can get away with this so we pulled up along side them [sic]!!

“You disgusting group of pathetic mush you cannot get away with this. It’s a good job the rest of society has moved on!!”

In the video itself she was seen talking to the camera explaining: “We’ve actually just witnessed some homophobic, horrible, horrible guys in a taxi that wanted to shout out horrible things to Kieron…”

Instagram @themissyporter
Jorgie couldn’t believe what had just happened (Credit: Instagram/@themissyporter)

Kieron himself then cut in and said: “That I am a sausage what?”

Jorgie added: “I am so angry that this is actually happening, that this is real.”

“It happens on a daily basis, Jorge,” Kieron shockingly told her.

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The second part of the video saw the stars pull up alongside the boys’ car and ask them to repeat what they’d said. It was only when Kieron and Jorgie drove off that the abusers could be heard shouting more slurs, this time directed at Jorgie, in the background.

Instagram @themissyporter
Kieron said it happens all too often (Credit: Instagram/ @themissyporter)

People were stunned at the video and immediately heaped praise on Jorgie for standing up for her and Kieron.

“Nobody deserves to be treated in such a manor it’s the 21st century people are different and I love that.. just ignore the haters Jorgie and Kieron,” said one.

Another added: “Ha ha love that you confronted them and had nothing to say until you pulled away cowards obviously.”

“There’s not much to love about this video post, other than the way @mrkieronrichardson and @themissyporter handled themselves, no rudeness, aggression or profanity. I wish if I were in this position I would be able to show half as much composure,” said a third.

A fourth wrote: “Absolutely disgusting. Good on you both for pulling them up about it and well seen they deny it until you drive away and then START again. Absolute scum of the earth don’t give these reprobates the time of day.”

Credit : Aaron Parfitt / Flynet - SplashNews
Jorgie was able to enjoy her night out after the incident (Credit: Aaron Parfitt / Flynet – SplashNews)

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Jorgie and Kieron starred together in Hollyoaks for years before the actress departed the soap last year.

She has since taken part in Celebs Go Dating on E4, but failed to find love.

Having recently travelled to LA for acting classes, she admitted to The Sun that she had been dating American men, but “they don’t get my humour”.

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