Furious Coleen Rooney hits back at Twitter troll who made joke about son Klay

She finally snapped

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As if finding out her husband had been arrested wasn’t enough stress for Coleen, she is also dealing with Twitter trolls who can’t keep their rude comments to themselves.

And the usually quiet Coleen took a surprising turn when she snapped at one particular Twitter troll and directly replied to them!

Credit: Twitter
The troll commented on this picture that Coleen posted of her son (Credit: Twitter)

The troll made a comment on the adorable picture the WAG had posted of her son Klay starting primary school, in his brand spanking new uniform.

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She captioned the image: “Big school for my gorgeous Klay!!” The little one looked so cute in his blazer and cap.

But someone then commented on the picture, taking a bit of a dig at Coleen and Wayne’s privileged life.

One Twitter follower said: “Well that ain’t the uniform of the local comprehensive!?”

The couple have three children together (Credit: Instagram)

Coleen quickly hit back as she replied: “Well he wouldn’t be going to comprehensive school would he… he’s only 4??? Smart get!!!”

The tweeter has since come back insisting it “wasn’t a dig” and he was just joking.

But the star’s fans immediately jumped to her defence with one commenting: “He looks so smart have a fab day little man ignore the negative comments people so not worth it enjoy your 1st day back.”

“Well said lass!” said another.

Coleen is under a lot of stress lately after her footballer husband Wayne Rooney was arrested for drink driving last week, with rumours that he was partying with another woman.

Although reports have alleged that Coleen is giving Wayne “one more chance” before she leaves him for good, Coleen is yet to confirm or deny this.

Wayne and Coleen have been married for nine years (Credit: Instagram)

She did tweet about the sources who have given information to the press, though.

She said: “Would love to meet all these so called friends of mine who know me so well.”

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Later on she also tweeted: “I was being sarcastic towards all these great sources the press have…who I have probably never met in my life! I have the best friends.”

Wayne was released on bail after his arrest and is due to appear in court later this month.

The couple have known each other since they were teenagers but have been married for nine years. They share three children together; Kai, seven, Klay, four, and Kit, one.

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