Friends worried for Jeremy McConnell’s safety following huge row with Steph Davis

The couple have had another heated row

Just when we thought this relationship couldn’t get more complicated it seems Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis are in yet another feud.

The on-off couple have apparently fallen out again with Irish model Jez declaring former Hollyoaks’ star Steph is “dead” to him.

But now friends of Jez have expressed their fears his next alcohol binge could end badly.

Jeremy and Steph met on Celebrity Big Brother last year (Credit: Instagram)

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It’s believed Jez flew back to Ireland following a heated row with Steph over his ex-girlfriend’s “toxic” comments.

But the reality star has reportedly turned to drink to cope with the drama.

One source told The Sun Online: “It’s been hard to get hold of Jeremy since he flew to Ireland, and when he has answered the phone he hasn’t sounded happy.

“He was slurring his words and didn’t seem in a good place.

“Everyone is so worried about him. He’s grieving for his dad, and his time in rehab brought a lot of other painful memories to the surface.”

The on-off couple now have a baby boy together (Credit: Instagram)

They went on to explain: “Jeremy is a good guy inside, but at the moment he’s lost.

“He’s torn between being a good dad and partner to Stephanie and dealing with the pain of losing his parents the only way he knows how – by blotting out the pain.”

This comes after Steph’s mum, Pauline, spoke about about the way Jez has treated Steph throughout their turbulent relationship.

According to The Mirror, Pauline shared a message saying: “Finally after 16 months of hell the scumbag has shown his true colours! #beyondevil #malicious #noexcuses.”

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy also tweeted a message to Steph, which has now been deleted. He wrote: “Cuts up my whole wardrobe slags my dead parents that girl is dead to me manipulative [bleep] . #over.”

Friends fear Jez’s safety following his latest argument with Steph (Credit: Instagram)

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Jez reportedly flew back to Ireland after a massive row with Steph following comments that were made by his ex Savannah Kemplay last week.

Savannah spoke out about his relationship with Steph labelling it “toxic”.

Speaking to Closer magazine she said: “Jeremy’s trapped in a toxic relationship because of a child.

“I don’t know if his feelings for Steph are genuine or whether he’s keeping her sweet so he can be in Caben’s life.

“Steph got pregnant after knowing a guy for three months. She makes everyone feel sorry for her, but it’s Jeremy I feel sorry for.”

Jez’s ex Savannah’s comments seem to be at the centre of their row (Credit: Instagram)

And it seems her comments riled up Steph.

A source said: “They had a blazing row in the street and Steph was chucking all his clothes out.

“It looked pretty serious and Jeremy wasn’t handling it well.”