Katie Price freaks out after finding something creepy in her house

Do you believe in ghosts?

Katie Price has never been shy of telling tales of things that go bump in the night.

But the former glamour model was faced with another type of skeleton in her closet last week as she claims to have discovered not one, but FOUR ghosts on a hunt of her Sussex mansion.

Posting a picture of what she believes looks like the ghost of a little boy (and we’re not talking Caspar here) on Instagram, Katie, 39, wrote alongside the creepy pic, “OMG, so shocked to capture so much with just a phone for a camera when ghost hunting with @MrLeeRoberts around my house!”

Lee Roberts is a Nottingham-based Ghost Hunter (is that not the coolest sounding job ever?) and also stars on TV show Celebrity Ghost Hunt.

Katie added: “So many ghostly figures and strange apparitions. Some we could easily explain but these are some of the best ones.”

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And it seems the ghoulies aren’t just content enough to wander the house Katie shares with her husband Kieran and five children – Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny – but she also thinks they lay beside her at night, too *shudders*

In another post, taken by Katie in front of her mirror, she alerts fans to the “profile of a demon”, asking them, “What do you reckon?”

The snaps received a mix response from the Loose Woman’s 1.8m followers.

“I would be out of that house in a shot,” wrote one, while another added, “No such thing as demons, only the ones inside.”

Instead of running to the nearest hotel, Katie herself said she wasn’t scared, just “wants to know more”.

This isn’t Katie’s first hunt for the supernatural, as she’s previously said that mostly all of the homes she has lived in, including one built on the grounds of an old nursing home, have been haunted.

The mum-of-five even revealed how she had been told by several mediums that she has the kind of ‘aura’ that makes her attractive to ghosts.

In January last year, Katie even revealed she had been haunted by ghosts for the last 20 years, since leaving home.

The Surrey mansion she and her family lived in last year was haunted by so many spectres, Katie felt her only choice was to call in a medium to ‘get rid of them’ because they were causing the children to ‘scream at night’.

“I ended up finding out it had been built on a nursing home which had been knocked down. The orangery, where the swimming pool was. I found out that’s where they had put bodies and stuff. So many things happened there, with water and stuff,” she said.

Katie’s ‘haunted’ mansion. (credit: ITV)

“The kids would sometimes scream at night. One night I heard Junior screaming, ‘Help, help’ in the middle of the night. I went up to see him and he said he had seen someone outside.”

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When a freaked out Katie called the owners she had bought the house from, they told her  nobody had died ‘in the last 18 years’. They had lived there for 25.

Excuse us while we just go and hide under our duvet!

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