Frankie and Wayne Bridge recount ‘terrible’ night of his marriage proposal

A memorable night for many reasons!

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A marriage proposal is usually described as one the most romantic and special events of your life.

But Frankie and Wayne Bridge have admitted the evening they got engaged back in 2013 was pretty “terrible” in plenty of ways.

The couple teamed up for an interview on Lorraine on Friday [Credit: ITV]

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During a chat on ITV’s Lorraine on Friday morning, the duo, who wed in 2014, confessed what should have been a once-in-a-lifetime dream moment didn’t end up quite as they’d envisioned.

“I wasn’t actually going to ask her in the end – it was such a terrible night!” said Wayne.

“Basically Frankie wanted to go away so I was gonna do it at that time. She wanted a weekend in the country, and we ended up with a weekend in the city.

“Frankie was pregnant at the time and couldn’t get her dress on and was just stressing and being a bit grumpy.”

Frankie was heavily pregnant when Wayne popped the question [Credit: ITV]

Frankie then took over telling the story, saying she’d wanted a nice weekend away in the country with Wayne and their dogs to escape the daily grind and wasn’t thrilled when she ended up being taken into London.

She also confirmed she struggled to fit into her clothing as she was heavily pregnant.

“We were having dinner and I couldn’t do my dress up the whole way,” she said.

Frankie posted this snap after the proposal, looking stunned [Credit: Instagram]

“I couldn’t even get my shoes on- I was massive!

“Wayne was going, ‘Honestly, babe, it’s fine. Where we’re going for dinner no one will notice’, but I was like, ‘No, I’m getting it on!’ I couldn’t breathe, my shoes were undone and he proposed!

“I was like, ‘I’m supposed to look nice at this moment!’

“Then all my friends and family came in.”

Credit: Instagram @francescabridge
They’re parents to sons Parker, three, and Carter, two [Credit: Instagram @francescabridge]

Wayne then revealed the couple ended their night with fast food after being disappointed by their fancy restaurant meal.

“We ended up with a takeaway McDonald’s as we didn’t like the food,” he laughed.

Frankie then said: “Start as you mean to go on! But he did still [propose] and he hasn’t regretted it, have you babe”

“No,” confirmed Wayne.

They were introduced by James Corden! [Credit: Instagram @francescabridge]

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The couple, who have sons Parker, three, and two-year-old Carter, told Lorraine Kelly they’d actually been introduced on a night out by James Corden, who was the one who set them up.

“We were on a night out and he put our numbers in each other’s phones,” recalled Frankie.

“And the funny thing is we don’t even know him that well!”

Wayne added: “It was probably the first time we’d even met him.”

James Corden playing Cupid! Who knew?

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