Former X Factor winner reveals fame nearly destroyed his relationship

It was a tough time for the singer

Winner of the 2014 X Factor, Ben Haenow, has revealed that fame nearly cost him his relationship.

Ben, 32, has been with his fiancée Jessica for nine years and said he will be marrying her in a fortnight.

Ben was never in the bottom two during his time on The X Factor (Credit: FameFlynet UK)

After winning the X Factor and being catapulted into fame, he struggled to keep his relationship afloat.

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He told MailOnline: “The whole thing was really hard on the relationship and I blame myself really.

“I got it so wrong and I feel like I really neglected her. It was particularly tough around the time of the final.”

After he was crowned the winner of the show he spent a lot of time in LA, without Jessica.

Fame nearly ruined Ben and Jessica’s relationship (Credit: FameFlynet UK)

He said: “I was really bad at keeping in contact with Jess. I was a typical guy. I was in a bubble and she understandably felt neglected.

“We had to have talks about whether it was going to work between us because it wasn’t fair on her if I was always going to be travelling and never able to see her.”

Ben also seems to regret “innocently” smooching fellow contestant Lola Saunders, when he was stood next to his girlfriend.

He confessed: “That was just really awkward. It was awkward for Lola and for Jess, who didn’t want people to think I had done anything wrong.”

Luckily the couple made it through the hard times and will be securing their love by getting married at the end of the month.

Ben announced his engagement on Instagram (Credit: Instagram @benhaenow)

Ben said: “The whole thing has really tested us but we came out of the other side. I can’t wait for the big day.”

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He is also grateful to Simon Cowell for the opportunity the show gave him, even though he isn’t with Simon’s record label anymore.

“I wouldn’t change anything about my experience on the show. I am so grateful to Simon and the platform he gave me.

“People have been so supportive about the new single and we’re planning an EP for October. I’m very lucky getting to do what I love.”

Ben has a new single called Alive which is out now.