Former ‘flame’ of Prince Harry among the new Love Island wannabes

Who is looking to find romance on the show this year?

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We are so ready to welcome Love Island back on our screens!

The hit romance series is set to return Monday, June 5.

There is a hot new batch of contestants ready to find romance in the villa – and even one who has royal connections!

But who are the hopeful singletons looking for love this year? Let’s meet them…

Who: Camilla Thurlow, 27, from Dumfries.

About: Camilla has an “interesting” career in the field of explosive ordnance disposal and is a former Miss Edinburgh winner.

Camilla apparently has royal connections as it was reported she had a fling with Prince Harry back in July 2014.

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Says: “It will force me to break down some of the barriers.

“A huge part of it is pushing myself out of my comfort zone and forcing myself to make a connection with someone.”

Who: Amber Davies, 20, from South Wales.

About: Amber is a dancer who has reportedly “slept with a big name” but won’t kiss and tell.

Says: “I’ve definitely broken hearts.

“I’ve slept with a big name, but girls don’t kiss and tell!”

Who: Jessica Shears, 23, from Devon.

About: Jessica is a glamour model and is described by boys as being “loud, tactile, friendly”.

Says: “I’ve been chatted up by a few celebrities. Reality stars, mainly – they’re the same ones that message everybody,” and…

“I’m not comfortable in clothes. I’m so much more comfortable in lingerie and bikinis. So I’ve packed some tiny outfits! I’m not going to be wearing a lot.”

Who: Montana Brown, 21, from Hertfordshire.

About: Montana is an Economics student who’s previously dated a footballer.

Says: “My friends would say I’m very blunt and honest, and sometimes really brutal.

“So I guess someone going on a date with me is going to have to be quite thick-skinned.”

Who: Chloe Crowhurst, 22, from Essex.

About: Chloe is an executive assistant who hopes to find love in the villa – but not with an Essex lad.

Says: “I want to meet somebody nice.

“I mean, boys in Essex – come on! They’re not great. I want to be loved up but they’re just pigs. I’m ready and willing to meet someone nice.”

Who: Olivia Attwood, 26, from Surrey.

About: Olivia is a motor sport grid girl and has modelled for well-known fashion brands.

Says: “I like the set up of the show; it’s very organic in terms of the relationships that are formed. I like the idea of not knowing who you might meet.

“I do believe in girl code with my close friends, but I don’t think it applies with girls you’ve just met.”

Now who are the cheeky chaps heading into the villa?

Who: Marcel Somerville, 31, from London.

About: Marcel is a musician and was part of English hip hop group, Blazin’ Squad, from 2001 to 2004.

He said: “I’m going to be a great islander because girls love me.

“I was in Blazin’ Squad. They were the best days of my life. People do still recognise me when I’m out.

“I think I look really different these days, though. I feel like I’ve got much better looking!”

Who: Kem Cetinay, 21, from Essex.

About: Kem is a hairdresser who describes himself as “mad and crazy”.

He revealed: “I want a girl version of me! Someone as mad and crazy as me.

“I’m a hairdresser and I’ve done hair for Spencer Matthews, Calum Best, the TOWIE boys, Pete Wicks, Arg… the standard guys. I get on well with them.”

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Who: Sam Gowland, 21, from Middlesbrough.

About: Sam is an oil rig worker who admits he is on the show to win not to make friends.

Says: “I’m a little bit different to everyone else. I don’t beat around the bush: I’m going on to win the show, not to make friends!

“I’m there to find love, yes, but I’m also there to win. And if I have to step on someone’s toes to do that, then I will do!”

Who: Harley Judge, 22, from Norwich.

About: Harley is a grounds worker who is described by girls as a “Ken Doll” and revealed he’s only recently split from his partner of two and a half years.

Says: “If I’m interested in a girl, there’s nothing that will stop me from interacting with them and getting to know them on a better level.

“I graft in my job, so I would graft for a girl.”

Who: Dominic Lever, 26, from Manchester.

About: Dominic is a careers adviser who is described by girls as “vain” and admitted to being a “serial dater”.

He revealed: “I’m a serial dater but I don’t go for fancy dates.

“I’m definitely not modest! I do love myself a bit.

“I just hope I come across alright on the TV, really. I don’t mind if the girls bin me off or I don’t get in a couple.”