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Former fattest woman in the world dies aged 37

Her story is incredibly tragic

A 37-year-old Egyptian woman named Eman Abdul Atti held the title of the world’s heaviest woman for years.

At one point Eman weighed an astonishing 78.7 stone and she was bed-ridden from the age of 11.

Despite receiving weight-loss surgery, and continuing with her medical treatment, Eman has tragically died due to heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

Credit: YouTube NYOOOZ TV
Eman hadn’t left her house in decades (Credit: YouTube NYOOOZ TV)

A statement has been released from Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi confirming the death.

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The hospital said: “Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family.”

Eman was at the hospital in Abu Dhabi being treated by 20 medical professionals, after a major weight-loss surgery in India.

Credit: YouTube Lehren News
She underwent weight loss surgery earlier this year (Credit: YouTube Lehren News)

Earlier this year she had an incredible surgery which saw her lose around 600lbs, and she was keen to lose even more weight.

Her sister Saimaa Selim said that she wanted to get down to just 15 stone, with the help of doctors.

She had a gastric band fitted, but the doctors in India refused to continue to care for her after surgery so she went to UAE to get the support she needed.

Eman was overweight as a child, and is believed to have had a stroke at age 11 which left her bed-ridden for the rest of her life.

Credit: YouTube Lehren News
Eman had family to support her through her journey (Credit: YouTube Lehren News)

She was diagnosed with elephantiasis which is a condition that causes extreme swelling in the limbs, and she also suffered with water retention due to having ‘disruption of the glands’.

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As a child she had to crawl on her knees because her legs couldn’t support her weight, and she hadn’t left her house for 25 years before she was taken to hospital this year.

She has left a family behind including her sister who was there for her throughout her weight loss journey.

Condolences to them all.