Former Eggheads star CJ de Mooi claims he is about to be made homeless

The quiz master blames bankruptcy on legal bills

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Former Eggheads star CJ de Mooi has revealed he could be made homeless after racking up legal bills.

The quiz expert, whose real name is Joseph Connagh, says his house is in danger of being “possessed” after he was declared bankrupt last September after he spent a fortune on legal fees fighting extradition to the Netherlands over an alleged murder, and further bills when he was wrongly accused of sexual assault.

CJ de Mooi on Eggheads (Credit: YouTube)
CJ de Mooi on Eggheads. (Credit: YouTube)

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Taking to Twitter CJ wrote: “The bankruptcy trustee ignores my questions A man lied and destroyed my life but is protected (so as not to dissuade genuine accusers).

“My house is being possessed to compensate his solicitors I’ve broken no law but am being made homeless Nobody will help me Is this justice?”

Fans rallied around the star with offers of advice and encouragement. One follower wrote: “No this is not justice this is awful what you are going through. I really wish you were not going through this, you don’t deserve this treatment. I hope karma gets the guy that’s done this to you. Stay strong.”

While another added: “Hold on to the positivity you send us CJ. Best wishes.”

CJ de Mooi on Eggheads (Credit: YouTube)
CJ de Mooi left Eggheads in 2016. (Credit: YouTube)

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After messages from well-wishers he added: “I’ve spoken to a specialist Insolvency Solicitor who seems optimistic I can save the house.

“It will still cost a lot of money but at least I have a glimmer of hope.”

A spokesman for the star told the Sun Online: “He declared bankruptcy in 2018 due to opposing solicitors trying to recoup costs relating to the false allegation of sexual assault made against CJ in 2016.

“The firm put in a claim against his only asset, the home owned with his husband, and is trying to force sale.”

CJ de Mooi has not appeared on TV since the false claims. (Credit: YouTube)

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He continued: “They are aware that CJ is very seriously ill so are apparently trying to force this through quickly.”

CJ was suspended by the BBC when the false claims of sexual assault were made and was dropped from the quiz show despite being cleared.

Although his spokesman confirmed the current case has nothing to do with his murder arrest, CJ also racked up legal bills fighting extradition to the Netherlands where police wanted to question him over a confession in his 2015 autobiography My Journey From the Streets to the Screen, that he may have killed a mugger 30 years previously.

Despite his woes CJ has stayed positive on social media. (Credit: Facebook)

Writing about the attack he claimed: “I punched him so hard in the face, knocked the knife out of his hand and threw him in the canal. I fully suspect I killed him. I’ve no idea what happened to him.”

He was arrested at Heathrow Airport in September 2016 on a European Arrest Warrant for manslaughter, murder, assault and battery, but a court later proved the warrant had been bungled and he should have been issued with a domestic one before a European one.

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