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Former EastEnders star teases soap return

Do we want to see him back?

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He was last seen going up in flames in a dramatic car explosion on EastEnders in 2002, but Martin Kemp has revealed that a soap comeback is not out of the question.

Only he won’t be doing a Dirty Den or Kathy Beale and returning to Walford, he’s been approached to join another show.

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The Spandau Ballet star played Steve Owen in EastEnders from 1998 until the character died following a dramatic car chase with nemesis Phil Mitchell.

He’s most recently been on our screens as a judge on Gary Barlow’s talent search Let It Shine, but he has now teased his acting days might not be behind him.

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Speaking to, he revealed that another soap had tried to tempt him back to our screens.

“I was just asked to be in one recently, but I can’t tell you which one,” he said.

“I had a great time working on EastEnders, I would never say no to anything. I would never sit here and say ‘I would never do that’.

“Most of the fun that comes in this business is not knowing what’s around the corner… I always look at something when it comes and think how much fun I can get out of that.”

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Fans have often called for him to return to Albert Square, but he’s previously spoken out over that, insisting it’s not possible.

“I can’t go back,” he told the Daily Star. “They blew me up, I’m in bits!”

Talking about his surprise at being cut out of the show for good, he added “To be honest, I was quite surprised that they killed me off as the part was so good.

“But I’ve realised since that it was good as it has allowed me to do other things.”

We’d love to see the blue eyed boy back in Soapland. But which one is trying to tempt him back to our tellies? Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, or Corrie? They could all make use of a new bad boy!

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