Former CBB star Heavy D demands Jeremy Kyle DNA test to prove he is the dad to his ex-girlfriend’s unborn baby

The Boom-meister claims to have doubts

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D, born Colin Newell, has revealed he wants to appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show to undergo a DNA test to find out if he’s the father to his ex-girlfriend’s unborn baby.

He’s ready to make an appearance on the show to find out the results but his ex Bryony Harris refuses to join him.

Bryony, 22, and Heavy D, 43, split on Christmas Day last year.

Heavy has contacted the show to request a DNA test (Credit: FameFlynet)

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On Tuesday Bryony shared a photo on Twitter showing the text message she received from one of the show’s producers.

In the text it shows the producer attempting to persuade Bryony to go on the show to “get closure”.

The post also included her reply which read: “I don’t need to go on Jeremy Kyle to get closure…

“It’s embarrassing Colin has even contacted you guys. I guess this shows how desperate he is to get back on telly.

“I hope you can understand I have more important things to focus on.”

Bryony has said she refuses to go on the show (Credit: Twitter)

It was revealed earlier this year that Bryony, who was engaged to Heavy D, is pregnant with his potential child.

Following her tweets showing the text messages Youtuber Bryony wrote another message saying: “Literally cracking up on how desperate this man is!

“Jeremy kyle, I wouldn’t go on that show if you paid me 10k.”

Earlier this month Heavy D, who appeared in last year’s CBB, demanded a DNA test from his ex-fiancee.

He wrote on Twitter: “Basically my ex who is 7 months pregnant who says I’m the father has basically just said I can’t have a DNA test, cant give me a reason why.

“And we split up for a week before the ‘conception’ and she went out and got steaming drunk with her mate. That’s too close for comfort!!”



He went on to demand a notorious DNA test from Jeremy Kyle.

The star continued: “If there’s nothing to worry about why is she denying me a DNA test saying I have to wait 16 years to find out. I may need @itvjeremykyle.

“And she’s telling me I’ll just have to believe her. Yeah alright! I’m not the father until @itvjeremykyle says I’m the father!”



And he didn’t stop slating the potential mother of his child.

He wrote: “The worse thing is she’s trying to use a child as a weapon before it’s even born when you here’s no proof yet that I’m even the father. (sic)

“I’m £1k down spending money on baby stuff in @Mothercarehelp if I find out it’s not mine I’m going to find the real dad and get my £1k back!”



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The pair’s romance came to an end at the end of last year after a fiery Twitter argument when Heavy D accused Bryony of using him to get famous.

Heavy found fame on Storage Hunters UK before making an appearance on Channel 5’s CBB.

He shared the house with Loose Women’s Saira Khan, former EastEnders star Ricky Norwood and reality stars Marnie Simpson, Stephen Bear and Lewis Bloor.

He was the fourth housemate to be evicted.