Former Big Brother star makes really sad confession

Life has definitely not been easy since appearing on the show…

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Lisa Appleton. Remember her?

Of course you do. She was the star of Big Brother back in 2008, who got engaged to boyfriend Mario and married him in OK! magazine, surrounded by a bunch of lookalikes.

Now after years in the wilderness, the brassy Miss has burst back on the scene as a tabloid sensation.

Over the past few weeks the madcap star has been papped taking out the bins in her knickers, stripping off in a phone box in central London and running around a Tesco in an elf’s outfit.

Why? Well, folks, you’re guess is as good as ours.

While some critics have slammed her antics as attention seeking, Lisa says that she is merely letting loose after years of living with depression.

In a starkly honest interview, she has revealed that after Big Brother, life got so bad for her that she felt life wasn’t worth living.

Speaking in an interview with Big Brother star Andy West, Lisa has revealed that after appearing on the show, she ended up living on £30 a week in benefits.

When asked whether she had suicidal thoughts, she said: “Yes absolutely.

“Signing on… I was on benefits on about £30 a week. I was breaking down.

“I couldn’t get any work… It was that thing that everyone knew [me]…

“You’re on the Internet… everyone knows who you are… It was very overwhelming…”

Lisa says that her life really was bleak for her and even though she had her family around her, she felt like there was no way out of her funk.

“Dealing with the fame side, being on benefits. I lost everything. Not just one thing, everything. I felt so alone… [I hit] rock bottom…

“I just wasn’t enjoying life anymore. I… had a complete breakdown.

“You can have a bit of depression and get out of it, but this was a complete breakdown…

“I was at that low place and I was giving up and I had just had enough.

“I had those dark thoughts of not living. My family were there and my beautiful daughter but nothing mattered at the time…

“It was like falling into a well and you can’t get out of it.”

But now Lisa says that she is happy again and explains that her wild antics are her way of trying to put the past behind her.

“I’m loving it [life], I’m having fun and letting my hair down and feeling confident again and I’m enjoying it,” she told The Sun.

“I’m just getting through a very difficult time. I’m like stuff you lot.

“All that matters is that I’m alive and kicking and having a good time.”