Former addict Paul Danan sparks concern following appearance on Loose Women

He was on the show to talk about battling his addiction in the house

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Celebrity Big Brother’s Paul Danan appeared on Wednesday’s Loose Women to talk about his stint on the reality show.

The former addict opened up about how he came close to relapsing after being surrounded by alcohol in the house.

The ex Hollyoaks actor was evicted from the show last Friday (August 18) and has now spilled all on what it was really like in the house.

Paul revealed he found it hard to be around so much alcohol in the house (Credit: ITV)

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Panellist Nadia Sawalha told Paul: “I was in Celebrity Big Brother and I just wanted to say to you that I really admire you.

“My husband is in recovery as well and I really do admire you because the bits I’ve seen, in particular a low point, when you said you really did want a drink but you didn’t.

“You stayed sober and I think that was an incredible feat with all those enormous egos in there.”

Paul said: “It never got that severe for me that I really needed a drink.

“We had a champagne task and the boys were having beer and it all just came in the forefront that it would be nice to have one. But I can’t have one.”

Fellow panellist Andrea McLean then asked the star how he coped with being faced with his addictions in such a isolated environment.

The actor admitted: “I coped by Big Brother helping me,” before Katie Price interrupted saying: “And having big arguments with Sarah [Harding].”

Paul explained that he received a lot of help from Big Brother (Credit: ITV)

But Paul, 39, was quick to support the former Girls Aloud star and admitted he “saw a lot of her in me”.

He told the Loose ladies: “I felt like I could see a lot of of her in me or me in her.

“I could see her in a situation that I was in. She’s a gorgeous person but she changes when she’s had a drink and that’s what is sad.”

Nadia then asked Paul: “How did Big Brother help you? I was quite upset with how much alcohol there was when they know you were somebody in recovery.”

Paul replied: “No they were great and I had a Ribena.

“That’s the answer to everything, just have a Ribena!”

Nadia praised the actor for being in such a toxic environment as well as battling his addictions (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about how certain housemates helped him cope in the house Paul expressed his admiration for Shaun Williamson and Derek Acorah.

He explained: “Shaun was like my acting buddy. He kept taking my mind off things.

“Also Derek was amazing, he reminded me of my grandpa. He was so sweet and very, very good with me.”

Paul went on to say that now outside the house he’s getting back into acting and is currently filming a sitcom. He declared: “It’s Dangerous Danan’s comeback.”

But viewers watching from home were left concerned and were wondering whether he had a drink before the show.

One tweeted: “Wow. Is Paul Danan drunk?? It’s like watching Kerry Katona on This Morning all over again! #loosewomen.”

Another agreed: “Is Paul Danan really sober? He sounds to me like he has had a drink?? #LooseWomen.”

“Erm I’m not being funny here but is Paul Danan absolutely out of it? #LooseWomen,” a third wrote.

A fourth added: “#LooseWomen @loosewomen #pauldanan is off his face on drink or drunk.”

Hopefully he was just excited to be there.

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