Forget the first dance, newlyweds perform sex act for guests

This. Is. So. Weird.

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Yes, this is what the world has come to.

A crazy video shows a newly wed couple in China being FORCED to strip naked before having sex in front of their wedding guests.


They were told to ‘act passionately’ at their wedding party before then being asked to hand their underwear over to their friends.

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The short clip shows the pair lying in bed together under the covers giggling as their mates cheer them on.

One guest doesn’t look too pleased with them just hugging, so shouts: “You climb onto his body now!”

Another female friend tries to re-position the woman’s thigh over the top of her new hubby while a third asks: “Are you two attached to each other?”

Ew! Why?!

Despite the fact that this is possibly one of the most awkward experiences anyone could ever go through, the couple appear to be laughing as they stimulate sex underneath the duvet.

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Throughout the clip, guests try and pull the covers off the two lovers, and finally manage to succeed towards the end, exposing their very naked bodies to the camera.


Apparently, in China, newly married couples are sometimes made to play rude or sex-themed games on their wedding night.

We’re normally just happy with getting really drunk and watching your hilarious uncle try and strut his stuff on the dance-floor…

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