Fleur Easts dad has died, she revealed in an Instagram tribute

Fleur East reveals her dad has died in touching tribute on Instagram

She called her dad "the ultimate G"

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Singer Fleur East‘s dad has died, she revealed in an emotional tribute on Instagram.

The X Factor star, who was in the show in 2005 as part of the group Addictiv Ladies before returning as a solo artist in 2014, shared a series of pictures of herself and Malcolm together on the page, where she wrote that her dad was “the ultimate G”.

Fleur East's dad has died, she revealed on Instagram
Fleur East told her followers on Insatgram her dad had passed away (Credit: Martin Evans / SplashNews.com)

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“What a man you were!” she wrote. “So young at heart, always living in the moment. Swagger in abundance and such an unforgettable presence. Loved by so many!”

This album is for you Dad.

Fleur, 32, was keen to stress how much her father had supported her in her career, and was “always my biggest fan”.

“Cheering me on to the end,” she continued. “You taught me and Keshia to be confident and to always chase our dreams. I will forever continue to make you proud. I’m so happy you saw us achieve so much.”

Keshia is Fleur East’s younger sister and a social media influencer. She posted a tribute to Malcolm on her own page, describing him as her “best friend”.


Fleur went on to say that she is dedicating the music she is releasing to her father.

“Every note I sing, every song I write and everything I do, will be for you. This album is for you Dad. Love you so much Daddy Darling.

“Have an amazing time up there! See you soon.”

Fleur East has paid tribute to her dad on Instagram after he died
Fleur East revealed her dad died in a touching tribute on Insatgram (Credit: Adam Johns / SplashNews.com)

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Dermot O’Leary was among those to send a sympathy message to Fleur. Under her Instagram post, he wrote: “Oh Fleur. So sorry. He was a lovely guy. Big love X.”

Angela Scanlon also sent a message of support, writing: “What a man. So sorry for your loss, Fleur.”

Presenter Nick Knowles wrote: “Deepest sympathies my friend. You and Keshia are testament to who he was. I still chat to my Father when I need help – and he passed away 20 years ago.

“He will always be with you and your sis. Much love and hugs.”

DJ and presenter Sarah Jane Crawford added: “Love you so much, sorry for your loss.”

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