First Look: Next week’s Corrie pics

Everyone is still shaken from Aidan's death

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As the residents of the cobbles try to come to terms with Aidan’s suicide, the aftershocks continue to reach far and wide.


David’s cell mate Paul tries to gently wake him.

David responds angrily, slamming Paul up against the wall.

Flora takes an instant dislike to Sinead and accuses her of poisoning her.

Gail suggests to Emma that it’s time she moved out.


Michelle shows Aidan’s will to Robert.

Tyrone proudly shows off his wind man at Webster’s Autos.

Tyrone is delighted with his wind man.

Michelle shows Aidan’s will to Carla.

A distraught Johnny turns to Liz.

Robert tells Michelle he has been talking to Ali about the wedding.

Yasmeen worries Zeedan has false hope over Rana.

Shona tracks down one of Josh’s old work colleagues.

Kate cries on Sophie’s shoulder.

Tyrone and Kevin interview Abi for the mechanic’s job.


Liz confronts Ali over his lies.

Adam takes Flora out for dinner.

Zeedan comes to Kate’s rescue.

Zeedan knocks Phil out.

Eileen gets back to work.

She’s unnerved when she starts getting silent calls.

Zeedan becomes convinced Kate and Sophie are seeing each other.

Zeedan tries to photograph proof for Rana.

Zeedan snaps Kate and Sophie through the window.

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