First Look: 24 dramatic EastEnders pictures

A familiar face returns to cause trouble

What the hell is Hayley Slater doing back… and in Mick Carter’s bed?


The Carters are annoyed when their psychic turns out to be Mo.

Shakil and Keegan are chuffed when Kush lets them use his flat to impress some girls.

The market traders aren’t happy when Hayley tries to flog her stuff on the market.

Martin saves Hayley from the angry traders.


Hayley’s day is off to a bad start when she’s robbed.

Stuart invites Hayley in for a drink.

Kathy tells Ian to apply for the residents committee.

Hayley throws a drink at Robbie.

Stuart tells Hayley to get in bed with Mick.

Carmel is pleased about Shakil’s application to music college.

Linda is furious when she finds Hayley in bed with Mick.

Linda throws Hayley out of the pub.

Linda blames Stuart for Mick’s behaviour.


Carmel is upset when Shakil doesn’t want to apply to music college.

Kat and Jean tell Stacey to tell Martin the truth about her feelings.

Carmel tries to encourage Shakil to apply to music school.

Karen is offended when Carmel blames her for Shakil’s lack of ambition.


Linda is distraught when Stuart breaks her royal mug.

Carmel gets revenge on Ian with Masood’s help.

Ian regrets challenging Carmel.

Martin and Stacey put on a united front at the community centre for the royal wedding.

Stacey tries to talk to Martin about her feelings for him.

Martin and Stacey talk things over but is it too late for them?

Mick reassures Stuart in the gents.

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