First Dates waiter Sam is romancing guest from show

She cheekily slipped him her number after failed match

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You have to have a very cold heart not be enamoured by the ever so sweet and romantic First Dates.

But our hearts were particularly warmed in a recent episode of the hit show when love was suddenly and unexpectedly in the air for the restaurant’s very own waiter, Sam Conrad.

If you cast your mind back a couple of weeks, viewers were left on the edge of their seats when one of the daters ditched the guy producers had set her up with, only to return to the restaurant to ask Sam for his phone number.

What happened next? Well, First Dates wickedly didn’t reveal.

But it looks like things went pretty well for the cute couple.

“We had a lovely couple of days together after the show,’ a dashing and gushing Sam has sensationally revealed. “It was summer and we played lots of sport, tennis being one of them and some basketball.

“I met some of her friends, she met a few of mine, it was like a summer romance.”

But don’t get too excited. While the pair appear to have got on like a house on fire, it doesn’t look like we need to go out and buy ourselves a wedding hat just yet!

“I’m a very busy guy and Millie is a very busy lady and she’s just started a new job with a lot of travelling so in no way are we going to be announcing an engagement or anything,’ Sam told The Sun.

“It’s going to be very casual, very simple – I don’t like to over complicate things especially when it’s in the public eye.

“We’re just enjoying it and seeing where it leads.”

Recalling the moment Millie returned to the restaurant to make her move, viewer favourite Sam admits he was stunned and overjoyed.

“I was very red faced when she walked in,” he said. “But I was jumping for joy, but you have to be calm and collected rather than overly excited as it can be off putting sometimes.”

“Also, when I’ve got Fred next to me saying: ‘Go on, Sam, you can do this!’ it’s like, ‘Oh, can I? Yes I can!’”

Sam also paid tribute to Millie for being so gutsy to actually go back and get her man.

“It took a very brave Millie to do that, a lot of the props go to her for doing it – I was caught off guard,” he said. “She’s such a fun girl, the confidence thing makes her so attractive

“Fingers crossed, there are so many variables in life but fingers crossed it all works out but it is what it is…”

First Dates continues on Channel 4 on Monday at 10pm.