First Dates oldest ever singleton breaks everybody’s hearts

The 90-year-old widow completely charmed us all

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The entire nation blubbed their way through a very emotional First Dates episode on Tuesday night.

The brand new series sees another batch of singletons paired up to try and ‘woo’ each other, but one particular match stuck out.

A very charming and lovable Raymon appeared on the show and was set up with a woman called Cecilia.

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The silver fox is 90-years-old! He is officially the oldest person to ever be on the programme. Can we note how good he looks?

What affected people the most was that he opened up about his late wife of nearly 50 years. She died 16 years ago, and he’s still emotional about her loss. As soon as he broke down, so did everybody else.

He told the camera: “We adored each other. I think I knew love.”

Twitter users were overwhelmed and called him the “sweetest” man.

Raymon put himself forward for the show after becoming tired of being alone, and said that the only conversation he gets these days is chatting with supermarket staff.

Cue hearts breaking all over the UK.

One said: “From now on I will chat to all old people. Raymon has changed me #firstdates”.

Most said how much of a gentlemen he was and that other men should follow the same example.

Cecelia also had people in tears, as she spoke about her late boyfriend who died 2 years ago.

The date went well and they said they would definitely see each other again.

The OAP’s also danced their way out of the restaurant, with onlookers watching in admiration.

One viewer said how happy it made him: “Raymon saying they can meet up and talk about what they’ve been up to and chat on the phone until then. My heart is so happy…”

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We think they taught us all a lesson or two!

What a couple.

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