Fire service blasts “YouTube prankster” for cementing his head into a microwave

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We’ve all done some silly things in our youth we’re not totally proud of. Pinching a pack of Wine Gums from the corner shop. Experimenting with smoking. Cementing our heads into microwaves.

Wait a minute, that’s not right – NOBODY is daft enough do that last one, are they?

Turns out there’s one born every minute, as YouTuber Jay Swingler – AKA “Jay from TGF” did exactly that for a video, which resulted in the emergency services being called.

Credit: Twitter
YouTuber Jay (Credit: Twitter)

Jay had placed his head inside a microwave filled with cement and Polyfilla, and had been breathing through a tube.

But when the tube became blocked, Jay panicked and sent for emergency rescue.

Credit: Twitter/West Midlands Fire Service)
Jay had to be freed by emergency services, taking over an hour (Credit: Twitter/West Midlands Fire Service)

And what the West Midlands Fire Service found when they arrived did not make them happy.

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In fact, they took to Twitter to express their discontent with the YouTuber’s antics via a seriously peeved update.

The account posted: “We’re seriously unimpressed. Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a Youtube pranker whose head had been ‘cemented’ inside a microwave oven.”

The fire service weren’t happy (Credit: Twitter)

They later followed up the post with a video explaining why Jay’s actions were so dangerous – as other emergencies may have been happening elsewhere at the same time.

Afterwards, they posted a 90-second clip condemning the actions (Credit: Twitter)

Followers were outraged at Jay’s behaviour, suggesting he should be the one to foot the bill for the fire service’s time.

One wrote: “Shouldn’t he be billed? This isn’t funny” while another said: “Shows the sad world we live in these days when people can’t see that by doing this stupid stunt he has tied up a very valuable and finite resource.”

(Credit: Twitter/West Midlands Fire Service)
Jay had his head stuck for a couple of hours (Credit: Twitter/West Midlands Fire Service)

Despite the controversy, Jay still uploaded his video to YouTube, which has racked up thousands of views.

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No doubt the West Midlands Fire Service aren’t among them – we expect they’ve seen more than enough of Jay for one lifetime!