Fiona Phillips shares update on coronavirus symptoms

She's not feeling great

TV presenter Fiona Phillips says coronavirus isn’t “a cuddly, friendly visitor”.

The 59-year-old star recently revealed she is battling with the respiratory illness, and she has opened up on how she’s feeling as she deals with the symptoms.

Fiona Phillips caught the nasty virus last week (Credit:

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Writing for the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: “Have to say, I’m not enjoying its company. Covid-19 isn’t a cuddly, friendly visitor.

“It might think it’s cosily wheedled its way into my bed, and my body, but it’s definitely not welcome.

I’m not enjoying its company. Covid-19 isn’t a cuddly, friendly visitor.

“And, having come bearing gifts such as a fiery sore throat, high temperature/fever, shortness of breath, annoying dry cough, aches, pains, lethargy and a whole-body-sized cloak of sweat – nice – I’ll be doing my best to make sure he doesn’t stay too long either.”

Fiona revealed the early signs of the illness came a week ago with “a horrible, sort of scratchy gut pain” which went from her throat to her “whole digestive system”.

Fiona’s family are now all self isolating (Credit:

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She added: “It kept me awake all night – it was as if a witch had shoved her twiggy broom up into my alimentary canal and on into my throat, left it there and had then intermittently twisted it.”

The star admitted the pain in her gut “resulted in odd bowel movements; and occasionally” none at all.

Fiona revealed she is sleeping in her own room at the moment, although her family are also having to stay at home after having contact with her.

Fiona has tried to think of the positives whilst having the virus (Credit:

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Trying to move away from the negatives, she said: “One can always find a positive if one tries.

“As my two sons and husband can’t work or go out, because they’ve had contact with me, I have a whole team of willing/grudging waiters and cooks – not much food though – at my disposal.

“All keeping their distance and, like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, backing out of the room almost before they’ve come in.”

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