The new John Lewis Christmas advert 2016 EXPLAINED!

It's an upbeat one this year...

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The wait is over, the John Lewis Christmas advert has finally landed! And, after last year’s blub-fest that was Man On the Moon, this is an upbeat little festive affair, with animals jumping on trampolines and EVERYTHING!

The story begins with cute little Bridget bouncing on her bed excitedly on Christmas Eve, with Buster the Boxer dog watching on. Her mum calms her down while poor Dad struggles with finishing off assembling his daughter’s secret prezzie.

As her parents relax watching TV afterwards, we see a curious fox poking his nose around their garden and is then joined by a second.

The cover version of the Randy Crawford classic One Day I’ll Fly Away kicks in and playful foxes Otto and Olivia climb onto the trampoline and start bouncing!

Poor Buster watches on with envy while a badger named Betsy joins them, then Halle the hedgehog and Sid the squirrel.

He growls as, from the closed patio doors, he sees the creatures having fun.

Then Christmas morning arrives and Bridget wakes up and rushes downstairs in her dressing gown and slippers to find out what she’s got. We’re pretty excited by this point.

Her excited parents pull the doors open and reveal her HUUUUUGE trampoline; she runs towards it but is beaten by her own dog.

Her pooch is even more excited than Bridget and bounces with joy like the other animals, while a stunned Bridget and her parents stand there open-mouthed.

Then there comes the slogan: “Gifts that everyone will love.”


Have a watch. We want to hear YOUR THOUGHTS! (Did it make your eyes sting?)

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