Festive delivery! Cheryl and Liam’s baby could be here by CHRISTMAS

Baby Jesus could have competition this year!

Now THIS is exciting.

The news was only confirmed to family and friends earlier this week, but many fans suspect Cheryl and Liam could become parents by Christmas.

The super-cute couple were seen at a carol concert in London where Chezza made no attempt to cover up her bump, which seemed to confirm she was the bearer of the second ‘One Direction baby’.

Fans are keen to know when Cheryl will drop, and some seem to think it could be in a matter of weeks.

One fan wrote: “I didn’t believe there was a bump tbh but I do now, probs a Xmas baby on the cards. Congrats Liam and Cheryl.”

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Another added: “Based on looking at her bump size. If i’m right, liam wont be leaving the UK until its born.”

Adding fuel to the theory is the fact that Cheryl’s mum was spotted in Mothercare buying a pregnancy pillow back in September.

The pillows, which are shaped like long sausages, are designed to support the mum’s bump to relieve pressure on the hips.

They are used from week 40 all the way until birth.

Is this the ultimate clue that Chez will have a baby sooner than we thought?

Cheryl met boyf Liam back on The X factor in 2008, when she was a judge and he was auditioning.

Liam, with his Justin Bieber-like hair, stood in front of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and, of course, Cheryl and sang a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon.

Warning! It’s very awkward to watch now you know that he put his Little Thing in her Love Machine.

During the song, Cheryl can’t take her eyes off him and Liam even gives her a cheeky wink – it is clear there was a spark from the get-go.

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Cheryl commented on the performance: “I like you. I think you’re really cute.”

Little did she know she’d do a lot more than like him!

She added: “I think you’ve got charisma.”

Liam then 14, was told by Simon that he had “potential” but that he was “missing a bit of emotion and a bit of fun”.

He made it to judges houses, but was unsuccessful. He returned two years later to sing again, where he gained huge success with One Direction.

Cheryl was blown away again, this time by his rendition of Cry Me A River.

Chiam announced they were dating earlier this year on Instagram, not long after rumours first started.


Pregnancy speculation was confirmed when Cheryl stepped out at a charity bash showing off her bump.

A source told The Sun: “Cheryl has told close friends and family the very exciting news that she is expecting her first child.

“She is absolutely ecstatic.

“She doesn’t want to speak publicly about it for a number of reasons, particularly due to some of the battles she has gone through in her personal life in recent years.

“Obviously everyone wants to hear it come from her but she is keeping quiet for now.

“At the event last night she was proudly showing off her bump and telling everyone how happy she was.”