Ferne McCann offers us a first glimpse at her baby bump

Four months into her pregnancy and the ex-TOWIE star is beginning to show

Her love life might be in tatters after her ex boyfriend was arrested, but Ferne McCann has something very special to look forward in her life.

The birth of her baby growing quickly inside of her tummy.

And now, around four months into her pregnancy, the former TOWIE star’s baby bump is beginning to show.

Posting a pic on Instagram, the star can be seen wearing an orange top and shorts.

Ferne posted a pic of her getting ready to enjoy the summer sun (Credit: Instagram)

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And if you look carefully, in between the garments, you’ll see that there’s a slight bump forming.

Yes, that wee belly bulge that looks like she’s had a big lunch. The lucky girl.

But of course it’s still early so we are looking forward to seeing that bump grow and grow over the next few months.

Look closely you might just see her baby bump! (credit: Instagram)

Even Ferne is aware that this is only the beginning, stating alongside the pic; “I don’t think I’ll be able to wear this kind of outfit for much longer. Lil bump is growing fast.”

Things are beginning to look up for Ferne since her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was arrested for throwing acid at a bunch of party goers in an East London club.

Arthur was arrested for throwing acid at clubbers in east London (Credit: Instagram)

Rumours were rife at the time that she wasn’t going to hold on to her job on This Morning, but the good news is she was back on the show on Friday.

This follows her heartbreaking conversation on the This Morning couch in which she spoke about how she felt in the wake of Arthur’s arrest.

“It has been such a stressful, surreal situation to be in,” she told Phillip and Holly.

“I’m actually feeling good and positive because I’m pregnant, and that has given me strength and hope to get through this.”

Ferne broke down on This Morning about her experience with Arthur (Credit: Instagram)

Admitting that her baby is her priority, she said she has been experiencing what she thinks is a normal pregnancy.

“I’ve had all the symptoms – started off with the nausea, then the crazy headaches that led to vomiting, the morning sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, because I’ve been sick morning, noon and night. But I’m feeling good.”

Ferne says she still doesn’t know the sex of the baby and wants to be surprised.

Ferne says she doesn’t know the sex of the baby just yet (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m just so looking forward to it – I can’t wait to meet my baby. It’s not going to be easy but I’m going to be the best possible mum I can be,” she added.

However, she did admit that with what has happened this is far from the ideal way to bring her first child into the world.

Ferne says she has had all the typical pregnancy symptoms (Credit: Instagram)

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“This isn’t how I imagined my first pregnancy to be, but it’s not about me, it’s about this baby.”

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