Ferne McCann offered mega-bucks deal for new baby show

TOWIE star is expecting her first bubba

Once upon a time pregnant celebs were lucky enough to be offered a few bob by a celeb weekly to unveil their gorgeous wee mites.

These days they are more than likely to get a telly company to offer them a show to star in so that all their fans can feel involved in their life changing experience.

We’ve seen it happen to Sam Faiers with her Baby Diaries and now it looks like Ferne McCann could be following suit. Hoorah!

Sam Faiers fell pregnant and was give her won TV show (Credit: ITV)

According to reports, the former TOWIE and This Morning star has been offered a whopping £250, 000 to star in a six part show for Quest TV.

Never heard of them? Well, they’re the company who have produced Katie Price’s reality show My Crazy Life. So a good pedigree, right?

The premise of the show is that viewers will follow Ferne as she prepares to give birth to her baby in November.

Then we will see how she copes as a new mum!

A TV company have offered Ferne McCann £250, 000 to star in her own show (Credit: Istagram)

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Sounds like edge of seat stuff, but we like Ferne so who cares!

The gorgeous single mum is due to give birth in November and the series would follow her while she prepares to welcome her baby.

A source has told The Mirror: “Ferne has been offered a reported £250,000 deal for a new six-part series on the same network as Katie Price’s My Crazy Life.

“The network reportedly want to follow her throughout the pregnancy while she looks at a whole load of different birthing options.

“While she’s trying to keep things under wraps, this kind of show really appeals to Ferne but she still hasn’t committed to anything yet.”

Ferne’s had a tough yea – her boyfriend Arthur is awaiting trail for an alleged acid attack (Credit: Instagram)

Its been a rough year for poor Ferne.

News of her pregnancy came just days after her boyfriend Arthur Collins was arrested over an alleged acid attack at a London nightclub in April. He is now awaiting trial.

So this new venture should be just the thing to put a smile back on her face. That and her newborn baba, of course!

Ferne is in Spain “bronzing her bump” (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Ferne has been relaxing in Spain and giving her baby bump an airing.

“Bronzing my bump,” she commented on Instagram, no doubt making a point to those folks with a lot of spare time on their hands who had accused her of trying to hide her bump recently! What are people like, eh?

Ferne hitback at those who thought she was trying to hide her bump Zzzz (Credit: Instagram)

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In one picture, she assured them: “I’m not trying to disguise my bump, you can’t see it as much from the front in a pic.”

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