Ferne McCann opens up on facing life as a single mum

The Towie star also said her hormones are "all over the place"

Ferne McCann has admitted that although she feels lonely at times, she never feels alone as she has her baby.

The expectant mother is having to embrace the future as a single parent after her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was arrested in April in connection to an acid attack in London.

Ferne, 27, has had an emotional few months adjusting to her new life but always seeks comfort in knowing she has a little one on the way.

Ferne broke down when discussing her ordeal with her ex in an interview with This Morning (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

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“There are times I feel emotional. Not in a negative way, like I’m feeling really sad, but my hormones are all over the place.

“I never feel lonely as I have my baby”, she told OK! magazine.

The This Morning showbiz presenter also revealed that she has had her down days where she cries at her situation, but does her best to keep it private.

Ferne’s fans have credited the star for her bravery (Credit: Instagram/@fernemccann)

“Just sitting here talking about it makes me feel emotional, just contemplating what a life-changing experience I’ve been through,” the TOWIE star said.

“I have shed tears, but I always try and keep it to myself – although I do usually wear my heart on my sleeve.

“But because of the situation I’m in, I have tried to keep those moments to myself. I could burst into tears right now.”

The Essex lass is staying focused for her baby (Credit: Instagram/@fernemccann)

Ferne, whose little one is due in November, can’t wait to be a mum.

“I just feel so content that I’m going to be a mother. When I’m lying in bed on my own and know that the baby is growing inside me. That just gives me a warm feeling,” she added.

Her mum Gilly is going to move in to help her daughter when the baby arrives, AND she has plenty of other family and friends that will also help her.

She’s going to be just fine.

Ferne can’t wait to meet her baby (Credit: Wenn)

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The star has also confessed that she can get too wrapped up in relationships, but has more important things to think about now.

“I have always been obsessive in relationships,” she said. “From now on, the main focus is the baby.

“It’s a new sort of love that is pure and unconditional. I can’t wait to meet my baby.

“The baby and me can take on the world.”

Anybody else tearing up? No? Just us then.

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