Fern Britton reveals the shocking sexual proposition she experienced during a TV lunch

She didn't name the star in question

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Hollywood’s awards season saw the #MeToo and #Time’sUp campaigns firmly in the headlines – movements against sexual misconduct that have swept across the film and television industries, gaining huge momentum and support.

And now TV presenter Fern Britton has opened up about her own experience with harassment.

The TV presenter, 60, who is very happily married to TV chef Phil Vickery, has revealed that she once auditioned for a TV show, and was shockingly propositioned by a fellow TV star.

Fern was left shocked by the sleazy proposition (credit: ITV)

“I was taken out for lunch with the rest of the team and the star of the show – a guy – was sitting there,” she told The Sun.

Fern recalled: “It was all very nice and I was 23, 24. Pudding was finishing and everyone was smoking – you could do that then.

“This guy looked at me and said, ‘I wonder how long it will be before I’m having an affair with you. Because I do have a very big (bleep).'”

A disturbed Fern revealed how she rushed home to her mum and turned down the television show.

Fern rushed home to her mum after the incident (credit: @FernBritton Twitter)

She did not name the star or programme.

Now an incredibly successful TV presenter, with gigs such as Mr and Mrs and ten years at This Morning under her belt, Fern has made an incredible success of her career.

Fern has been happily married to TV chef Phil Vickery for 18 years (credit: FernBritton Twitter)

While promoting her new book, the national sweetheart also opened up about other challenges she has had to overcome – including being diagnosed with sepsis, which nearly killed her.

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“I was in so much pain. Mostly around the stomach but going into every joint and every nerve ending,” she said on Good Morning Britain during an appearance on Feb 22, while describing the disease.

Not only is Fern a successful presenter, but a novelist, too! (credit: @FernBritton Twitter)

“Being sick, hot, sweaty, confused. I was in bed thinking, “I know I’m going to die. I’m dying, I know I’m dying.” This is a very important symptom of sepsis.”

Fern contracted the condition after undergoing a hysterectomy two years ago, and says she is still not “as fit as I was” following the illness, but is on the mend.

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However Fern is celebrating her life in the best way possible – by starring in the theatre production of Calendar Girls later this year.

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