Feline feisty? Catwoman ‘slashes boyfriend with scissors’ in fight

She even 'poured hot wax all over him'

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Jocelyn Wildenstein aka Catwoman has been accused of slashing boutique boss Lloyd Klein with a pair of scissors AND gouging his face with her manicured nails.

The 71-year-old plastic surgery addict who is also dubbed the ‘Bride of Wildenstein’ forced LLoyd into a closet.

He tried to escape to prevent another attack before police arrived to book her on felony assault charges.

These are the shocking claw marks the feline-featured socialite inflicted on her fashion designer boyfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, Lloyd, 49, fled their ‘Trump World Tower’ apartment today before her release from custody tonight.

Someone’s letting the cat out of the bag… So to speak.

The couple have been romantically involved since 2003 but the relationship is said to now be completely over because Klein thinks Wildenstein is a “ticking time bomb”.

“She can go blow up anytime, anywhere and with absolutely no reason,” said a source close to the couple.

“He says she is truly a beautiful person when she’s on her best behaviour. But when she flies into one of her incredible rages – look out.

Well, that doesn’t sound too stable does it?

The pair were believed to have enjoyed a meal on Tuesday evening before she accused him of spending too much time on social media.

“They had a relaxing dinner, everything was normal then Jocelyn suddenly got angry as she often does,” said the source.

“Lloyd was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention. So she screamed at him to get off the computer then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him.

“He was very scared, he asked her to calm down but she just got angrier and angrier and threatened to kill him.

“She then went at his face with her nails, which are real and very sharp, before finally grabbing some scissors and stabbing them twice into his chest.”