Kerry Katona fears ‘she will lose everything’

The singer is back on the single market again

Oh we just can’t keep up with the romantic lives of showbiz couples these days.

If you thought Steph and Jeremy’s too-ing and fro-ing were crazy enough, then Kerry Katona’s love life is proving just as hard to keep abreast of.

So it is with sad news that we report that it looks like the singer’s third marriage to George is really on the rocks and might be about to sink.

Apparently the couple have had a series of rows and got so sick of them they decide they just couldn’t stay together.

It’s reported George stormed out of the family home leaving Kerry behind.

It looks like George and Kerry have split again (credit: Instagram)

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And word is that this time it’s really over. So after hopes for a Disney happy ending it’s gone from ‘once upon a time…’ to splitting once and for all.


The Atomic Kitten singer Kerry, 36, has said her kids are her priority, but quitting her relationship with George, 37, is clearly painful – and apparently she’s panicking.

Mum of five, Kerry has had many struggles over the years, often with money. She’s been declared bankrupt twice.

Now the costs of a divorce will suck her bank accounts dry, leaving her penniless after all her hard and relatively lucrative work over the last few years.

It hasn’t helped that Gorgeous George fell ill two years ago and has been unable to work.

After years of money worries, Kerry is finally doing okay. (credit: FameFlyNet)

A source has said “Kerry’s worked hard to get out of financial difficulty since her second bankruptcy four years ago.

“She’s 100 per cent sure that splitting with George is the right thing to do but she knows a divorce won’t be cheap.

“She’s been through this twice before with exes Brian McFadden and Mark Croft, but Kerry feels that this time she’s got so much more to lose.

“We’re told she’s finally in a stable position, putting a roof over the kids’ heads and food on the table, and she doesn’t want to risk this in any way.

Kerry is worried that a divorce will cost her lost of money (Credit: Instagram)

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The source is also reported to have said:  “Despite her celebrity status, Kerry’s a normal mum working hard to make ends meet.

“Divorce can end up costing thousands and Atomic Kitten concerts just aren’t that lucrative.

“But Kerry’s determined that George won’t get a penny of her money – although of course she wants him to 
have contact with their daughter Dylan-Jorge.”

The couple first split in 2015 amid allegations of George committing assault, but Kerry later withdrew her statement.

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