Fearne Cotton reveals the real reason she keeps children out of spotlight

Family life is very important to her

Fearne Cotton has shared why she is keen to keep her children out of the public eye.

The mum-of-two never posts photos of her kids’ faces on Instagram, but there is a reason behind that.

She has Rex, four, and one-year-old Honey Krissy with her husband of three years, Jesse Wood.

Honey Krissy and Rex are kept out of the spotlight (Credit: Instagram)

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The 35-year-old told The Mirror: “I’ve never posted a picture of their faces online because I don’t want them to be singled out at school.

“It’s up to them if they want to be in the industry.

“Some parents don’t care if they put their children in the public eye, but I want them to make the decision for themselves when they’re older.

The family are adorable (Credit: Instagram)

“I show the back of their heads so people never know what they look like or anything about them, but I still get to show parts of my family life, which is something that’s really important to me.”

The yummy mummy, whose brand new cook book called Cook Eat Love is out today, also revealed that her kids can be quite fussy with food.

Fearne herself is vegan, and eats similar meals to her husband, but for the children, it’s an entirely different story.

Fearne says her kids are fussy with food (Credit: Instagram)

“I WISH they would eat like us!”, she said.

“They’re very young so they’re good with some foods and fussy with other things.

Fearne and Jesse are both vegans (Credit: Instagram)

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“They both eat proteins like fish and sausages and carbs, but Rex loves eggs, while Honey won’t look at one. She loves sweet potato and he will only eat broccoli.

“But these are quirks they’ll get over with age, time and perseverance.”

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